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  1. General Chat
    Our news recently ran an article saying that angels on the angel tree still needing to be claimed ( after the official local ending/collection date) It went on to say that last year in our town 30% of the children's angels were not chosen from the tree. This broke my heart to hear this...
  2. Frugal Living
    Well for the ones that get this I guess it is now officialAngel Food Ministries Shuts Down for Good, Christian News
  3. General Chat
    I drove from home to the work to pick up my son from work, it is just after midnight, we just came thru the Wheeling Tunnels, the speed limit on I-70 is 45 mph when we saw headlights and police lights behind us, I thought nothing of it. Ds said we are being pulled over, I am going the speed...
  4. Question and Answer
    Have you seen those "Angel Trees" where they have the name/age of a kid that you can buy for? I grabbed one from our Walmart and it has a list of a couple of wants, a couple needs and her clothing size. Have you ever done these before? How much is reasonable to spend? Am I going to be the only...
  5. Misc. desserts
    Lemony Angel Pie Recipe DescriptionServes 8. 5 grams per serving with lemon juice; 3 grams with substitute. Great light dessert Preparation Steps:Preheat oven to 275°F. Grease one Pyrex pie plate and set aside. Level of Difficulty:Easy Time Needed...
  6. General Chat
    HOLY COW!!! I am counting my DD9 blessings. 1:45am last night I wake to the sound of breaking glass. I go out to the kitchen/ living room to see if the naughty cat knocked a dish down or something like that. Nothing. I let the dog out cause he got up to help me. After he is done I go and check...
  7. General Chat
    I found out today that my city doesn't have an actual Angel Tree that you choose an angel from. You go to J.C. Penney and choose your angel there. I chose an 85 year old female. There were 12 of them for my area, and there were no wants listed at all. All 12 of them had a sweatshirt and...
  8. Question and Answer
    Hi Everyone...Do any of you know anything about this food program. My one Daughter is interested and so am I. Thanks in advance for any information...Liz
  9. Freebies
    Grab this FREE eBook on Angel Crafts. There are 45 pages filled with awesome crafts to make including: angel wire crafts, angel patterns, kitchen angels, christmas angels and more!
  10. Calculations and Alternatives
    Comparing AFM Aug. box with Aldi's AFM Aug Signature box $30 Vs. Aldi's prices 1.5 lb. Ribeye Steaks (4 x 6 oz.) -- 7.48 * substitution made Aldi's did nothave Ribeye steak so I subbed Sirloin Steak (walmart didn't have it eiter) 3 lb. IQF Split Chicken Breast -- $5.49* substitution made...
  11. General Chat
    This will be the third month we have gotten it. Mostly I find it VG. Except for the steaks, I love steak and I have to say they were very poor quality. I find it is a lot of food for 30.00 but I am thinking I might do better with just my coupons and sales. Any one have an opinion ?
  12. Needle Arts
    This was my weekend project. I finished the seaming this morning and added the buttons this afternoon :)
  13. Meal planning
    What meals are you going to make? What would you suggest to make this this box? Here is what was in it. 1.5 lb. Ribeye Steak (4 x 6 oz.) 4 lb. Leg Quarters 1.5 lb. Beef Patties (4 x 6 oz.) 18 oz. Cheese Filled Manicotti 2 lb. Pork Rib Strips 1 lb. Chicken Breast Fajita Strips 1 lb...
  14. Calculations and Alternatives
    How would I go about calculating the cost of things in my angel food box? Find all the stuff at the store and get a % of the store total and then multiply my box $ by the % of each item? KWIM? I have a recipe that the whole family likes and I want to figure up how much it cost me per meal but...
  15. General Chat
    I posted not long ago that I had made an $80.00 mistake by accidentally letting my TV converter box coupons expire. Each household is only allowed two. "Mazsdps" a new member, pm'ed me and said she had just ordered some but realized she wouldn't be needing them and mailed them to YOURS TRULY...
  16. Needle Arts
    For a friend of my mom's. I made a hat to go with, but it's just a yellow hat like the other knot-top hats I've made in the past. Nothing spectacular.
  17. Quilting Hmmm -- I have a granddaughter on the way, and was hoping to make some sort of quilt for her. This might be the one :)
  18. Hobbies
    Does anyone have a site that they could pass to me that shows how to make a Dish Cloth Angel/Kitchen Angel ... hopefully it's the easy way :) I want to make one for a friend who just got a new house ... Thought it would be a cute housewarming gift. Thanks :pony:
  19. Freebies
    Free Flag or Angel Pin
  20. Frugal Living
    I was all set to pick up my first Angel Food distribution tomorrow, but I got a phone call last night that my order had been misplaced and that there would be no food for us tomorrow. I've heard so much about Angel Food and wanted to try it for myself, and now......... So they are refunding my...
1-20 of 98 Results