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  1. Family
    Well, if I were to include DH in this, I guess he can be considered a kid. Today, I went to go look for my EA Active 2 workout game so that I could get that done. It's not in the XBox, so I look in the case. It's not in the case. I remember leaving the game in the XBox because I was going to...
  2. General Chat
    :toss::furious: Seems lately I can go from zero to really pissed off in no time flat. I don't know why, I never used to be that way. Don't get me wrong, I don't hit or directly yell at anyone, but I could make a sailor blush with my cussing and throwing crap. Not throwing at anyone but if I...
  3. Christmas
    And no, I'm not Sandra Claus, Tinsel the Bohemian Christmas Fairy, Parcel of Power, Chocolate Thunder or Backhand Betty. Hey NY Villagers, this you? :laugh:
  4. General Chat
    Well I'm home have my grandsons too. I couldn't even get 1 day of rest after being in the hospital. I don't fault my son. He's stuck between a rock and a hard spot. He spent Friday -- Monday at the hospital. with his son before and after surgery. Good dad. His boss wanted him to go back to work...
  5. Support
    okay, i'm probly gonna get struck by lightening or something... but i REALLY need some help/advice here. i've been super angry lately. easily frustrated, yelling (at child mostly - for not doing his chores & not behaving) & i ended up *strike me now* cussing at him a couple times. i'm super...
  6. Religion
    In his autobiography, Number 1, Billy Martin told about hunting in Texas with Mickey Mantle. Mickey had a friend who would let them hunt on his ranch. When they reached the ranch, Mickey told Billy to wait in the car while he checked in with his friend. Mantle's friend quickly gave them...
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
    Why is this movie Number 1 at the box office? I didn't think it was good at fact I walked out in the middle of it....could be though that I was with my new guy and we weren't in the mood for the movie anymore;) ???? What did you all think of it? Maybe it got better at the end?
  8. Home and Family
    Letting Go Of Anger By Sibyl McLendon Anger is one of the most difficult emotions to eliminate from our lives. Deep-seated anger is a common thread in the lives of people who have been abused as children, had abusive relationships as adults and with people who have been wronged in some way that...
1-8 of 8 Results