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  1. Support
    Hey Angie, how are you feeling lately? Don't see you around much and we need an update please. :smooch:
  2. General Chat
    I LOVE your new avatar! :thumb: A great message to all of us out here in cyber space!! :smooch:
  3. General Chat
    So Miss Angie, how are you feeling? We need an update please. I think of you all the time and hope you are doing well. :hug2:
  4. Simple Living
    My pick this week is Angie (Voodidit). Angie your such a huge part of the village. Even through adversity, your there to cheer us on, your there for a prayer should someone need it and your there as a friend. Thank you for being YOU. Lets give Angie a huge thank you this week.
  5. General Chat
    Went down to see Angie this evening, even though they told us we could not visit.. She has been nauseated today and I was determined to see her for myself. Nurses first told us we could not see her, but I told them "I am her mother and I am going to see if she is ok". They relented and let us (...
  6. General Chat
    Thanks so much for all the yummy recipes that you are posting in the healthy recipe and homestyle cooking threads. My mouth is watering just reading them all! :hug2:
  7. General Chat
    :hug2: I got your Christmas card in the mail today and was so thrilled!!!! It's our first of the holiday season, so it goes on the top to the Christmas Card Tree I make on our front door!!! It's so adorable!!! Thanks again for making my day and God bless!
  8. General Chat
    Cute avatar, I think its fits a few of us. Great statement!!! :toothy:
  9. General Chat
    I love your avatar, its just so cute.     :)
  10. General Chat
    I am on my way to work so I promise that as soon as I get back and hear something from my mil I will be sure and let all of you know. As anxious as you will all be to hear something, unfortunatly you will have to wait (as will I) because I don't get off work until 6 and that is if the UPS man...
  11. General Chat
    Angie, Can you make something for me? I will pay you for it! I want some plastic canvas coasters with a coaster holder. I have some that are done in Fish but I want some with Grapes for my new kitchen. Do you think you could do it? If not that's alright.
  12. FV Neighborhoods
    I Love it!! It is absolutely Adorable. DH was here when the postman dropped it off he was just as excited as I am!! Oh my gosh! I don't know what to say, It is beautiful. and matches my kitchen perfectly!! Here's what Angie sent me a really nice basket with grapes hanging from the handle...
1-12 of 19 Results