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  1. Simple Living
    healthy kids a/c extra money this week from babysitting $$$$$$$ friends son won baseball game great neighbors my new truck
  2. Simple Living
    ~raspberry sherbert ~lunch with my 2 DDs ~30 minute walk ~my wonderful clients ~air conditioning!
  3. Simple Living
    ~good night sleep ~Krispy Kreme doughnuts ~leftovers ~full tank of gas ~laughter
  4. Simple Living
    ~using coupons at the grocery store ~free sample of Dove lotion in the mail ~beautiful sunrise this morning ~nice tips at work today ~dried pineapple wedges
  5. Simple Living
    ~surprise party for a friend who turned 80 ~leftovers ~good night's sleep ~rain! ~talking with my best friend
  6. Simple Living
    ~our granddaughter Camryn's 1st birthday ~a slice of watermelon ~nice breeze blowing ~taking a walk with my Mother ~scrapbooking
  7. Simple Living
    I don't know what happened to this thread but I always enjoyed it. Hope it's okay to start it up. ~a day off from work ~a walk with my Mother ~popsicles ~fried bologna sandwich ~smooth, clean shaven legs LOL
  8. Simple Living
    ~ Sunshine ~ Funny movie I watched w/ Philip last night ~ Lunch w/ my folks ~ My baby brother - he turns 11 today! ~ Clean clothes, 3 loads line dried! ~ My favorite chocolate truffles (bought on sale of course!)
  9. Simple Living
    ~ for a great mom; it was her birthday yesterday ~ that ds#1 is coming home tomorrow ~ for some good news about ds#2 ~ that dd is in a better mood ~ that I don't have to cook tonight; there's lots of leftovers
  10. Simple Living
    ~ for a change in attitude with our family doctor ~ seeing buds opening ~ dd's smile that lights up her face ~ a full freezer ~ recipe books :D
  11. Simple Living
    ~ for a very special lady who is celebrating her birthday today ~ progress on the sundeck ~ for a quiet morning ~ good books ~ for the smell of fresh bread
  12. Simple Living
    ~ for my dfil - it's his birthday today ~ for another hot sunny day ~ that dd is feeling better today ~ for the progress on my sundeck ~ for caring friends
  13. Simple Living
    ~ for yesterday's blessings ~ for a phone visit from a dear friend ~ for my crockpot ~ sunshine and melting snow, yes we had more snow last night ~ for being able to stay home most of the weekend and putter around the house
  14. Simple Living
    ~ for a wonderful reminder that things will work out ~ for a good talk with ds ~ that I get to stay home ALL day ~ watching the birds at play ~ hugs from my family
  15. Simple Living
    ~ for some good deals while grocery shopping ~ for improvement with dh's sleeping problems ~ that dh didn't break his ankle when he fell ~ that dd is finished her college classes so I don't need to drive so much ~ for simple suppers
  16. Simple Living
    ~ that all the snow has finally melted ~ for the few blades of green grass ~ for my quiet home ~ for a phone call from my mom
  17. Simple Living
    ~a wonderful day with family yesterday ~laughter ~good food ~hugs and I love you's ~safe travel ~sunshine today ~a pot of pansies as a gift, so pretty
  18. Simple Living
    ~ for beautiful sunshine and melting snow ~ for a nice visit with my brother and sil when they arrived yesterday ~ for a phone call from my dad ~ for dh ~ for hope
  19. Simple Living
    ~ for a good nights rest ~ for my niece who turns 14 today ~ for cuddle time with our dog Rusty ~ that I'm almost ready for our company's arrival tomorrow ~ emails & friendship
  20. Simple Living
    ~ for a better morning ~ that it finally stopped snowing ~ that tonights appointment is cancelled and I can stay home ~ warm slippers ~ encouragement
1-20 of 500 Results