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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    A new garden area (150 square feet)was prepared for planting. The steps are, remove the sod, hand spade, rototill the spaded chunks, add wood chip fibre, add compost, add sand. Coconut coir fibre will be added, when I find some and worked in. Later after the sod dries somewhat, it will be put...
  2. General Chat
    I have always lived in the suburbs, but I am considering purchasing a home in a more rural area outside my city and commuting 30-45 minutes to work. I am not familiar with the expenses that may be incurred and could use some input. The houses are less expensive than in the city, but my...
  3. Pets
    Don't know if it is the same in all areas.......but it is 'dental health month' here for pets..........much cheaper to get their teeth cleaned which isn't cheap at any time!!! Took my 'little black girl' in and with no extractions it was exactly what they had quoted me........about half the...
  4. General Chat
    we are in NC and our current price is $3.59 and rising. oil is not even $100 a barrel, it's ridiculous!! how much is gas in your area? I can't wait for hurricane season this year, that will surely give them an excuse to raise the price above $5 a gallon :sigh:
  5. Southwest Pals
    Anyone near the Tyler Texas area? I am about 20 miles north of Tyler in Hawkins.
  6. Homesteading and gardening
    Enlarging the Vegetable Gardening Area 8 by 36 Feet. Annotations are on bottom left of photos. 30 April 2006 Addition to Vegetable Garden 8 by 36 Feet 30 April 2006 Garden Addition Sod Removed using kick sod cutter, Spaded and rototilled. 3 May 2006 Adding Compost 3 May 2006 Adding Compost 4...
  7. General Chat
    Would like to get a gift certficate for my retired FIL and his wife, who live in Greer, SC. Looking for a bit more upscale, but not crazy-fancy. He is in his late 60's, very traditional, Eastern European. I have poked around online and found places that sound great to ME, but he doesn't strike...
  8. General Chat
    I am from California (SF Bay Area) and was born and raised here. I am thinking about maybe moving to the Houston area since my employer has an office there and the cost of housing is lower and the public schools in many areas are great. I was just wondering if anyone lived in the area and...
  9. General Chat
    With the economy so bad has crime gotten worse in your area. It has here. Seems like it has here. We are having a big problem in our county with prescription drug abuse and meth as well as a lot of stealing. Times are bad enough for everybody and then you have thieves stealing what you have to...
  10. Question and Answer
    Am curious to know how expensive it is to live in the NYC area. Everyone automatically says oh it is expensive to live there. I have comparison priced stores in the area compared to where I live now. The prices are the same. Also do not own a car. So I am wondering how much more expensive...
  11. Southeast Pals
    Hello im new here... Things have gotten hard lately so here i am.. I live in Charleston S.C. area.. anyone else from this area? have a good day :whirly:
  12. Vacations and Travel
    DH is being sent to Redmond for a week of training and airfare is cheap enough that I am going too. He gets out of class at 3pm, so we will have evenings together and one Saturday all day. What's to do in the area? I visited Seattle for business 10 years ago but really did not get to see...
  13. Frugal Living
    I was wondering what it was like in other places. I live in a low income area more that 50% of students on free or reduced lunch.Here needy parents can get help with back to school supplies and back to school clothing. Salvation Army gives elementary students that qualify a free new backpack...
  14. Vacations and Travel
    We are going on vacation in August, and thought we would drive down to Boston. We want to stop in at Acadia NP in Maine first for a few days, then on to Boston for a few more (total length of stay is still undetermined). Is there anything to do at Acadia with small children (5 & 6 years)...
  15. Pacific Northwest Pals
    any thoughts, suggestions or information would be wonderful. I'm an 44 year old RN who has lived in the midwest (Missouri/Kansas) my entire life. Recently divorced and I would love an adventure and the northwest coast of Oregon just looks so beautiful to me.
  16. General Chat
    Last night we heard on the news that a 21 yr old man shot and killed 3 young ladies that he was with(ages 18,21 & 26).One of the girls had been his on again, off again gf. This young man had a history of violence against women - he was already on probabtion for stabbing another woman in the...
  17. Leisure & Media Arts
    What is the title of a book that tells the story of your area of the country or the world? A historical novel from Florida is: "A Land Remembered" by Patrick Smith. It covers the years from 1858 to 1968 and is a history of the proud people that lived at that time and how their lives and...
  18. General Chat
    Cost of Living Comparison, Salary Calculator - You put in your current salary and where you living currently the what state you want to compare and it tells you what salary you would need there to keep your current standard of living? very interesting
  19. Pacific Northwest Pals
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here. I actually live in Skamania county but I come in to the Vancouver area to shop. Sometimes I do go across the river to the Portland/Gresham area as well. I work 35 hrs a week outside the home plus I have 8 children at home. So this means I normally can only get in to...
  20. Midwest Pals
    is anyone from the pullman area or near the pullman area?????
1-20 of 148 Results