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  1. Quilting
    I have had this in my 'to do' pile for AGES........we are talking years here. My plan was to see how the pattern worked up.......then use 'the window' to put my garden pics in and make another one.......well, as they say......."the best laid plans". My new computer won't load the OLD photoshop...
  2. Question and Answer
    I've got squirrels in my attic! Does anyone know of some sure-fire ways to get rid of these buggers? I was going to go the humane route and use a havahart trap, but the only legal thing to do would be to release them back onto our property. We also can legally kill them because they are...
  3. Utilities
    I don't have one in my attic. I am very interested in installing one but I can't afford to hire someone to install one in my roof. Don't they have the kind that 'sit' in your window? How do they work? Electricity? My DH isn't electrically inclined and wouldn't want anyone not liscensed to...
  4. Needle Arts
    anyone know about this little gem? daily free pattern. they are so fun!
  5. Needle Arts
    I thought this was really cute! Print it out, it's only gonna be there today :)
  6. Quilting
  7. Christmas
    i got this in an email newsletter. oh, did it have me in tears.:( ;) THE TREE'S UP IN THE ATTIC "The tree's up in the attic, Mom, it's wrapped and tightly bound, If you want, I'll help you get it, we can bring it down." "No," she said, "that was your father's job before he died." "But, Mom...
1-7 of 7 Results