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  1. Utilities
    We are having a weatherazation audit done right now. The guy has been here since 9am. We made the cut off by $2000. But the work that will be done is tons more. This house was built around 1865 or so same plaster walls. So the insulation is not real good. But better then we thought. found the...
  2. Frugal Living
    at First, you answer questions about your home, and it tells you diy things you can do at home to save money, and how much it cost to make these changes. I answered the questions, and if I: Insulate water heater add more insulation to attic seal doors and windows...
  3. Utilities
    I just completed an energy audit. it was neat typing in the last years bills. I noticed I'm WAY better with gas consumptions, and need to work on power. I had started dealling with power bars last year, and didn't think it made a difference, but looking at the graphs, I can see it DID make a...
  4. News you can use
    Preparing for a tax audit You got that dreaded IRS letter? Don't panic, just prepare.
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    Are you audit bait? We all like to be noticed, except by the IRS. Make sure you're not next in line for an audit.
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    6 audit red flags There's really no way to avoid an audit, but here are some tips for avoiding one, or surviving one if the IRS selects you.
  7. Utilities
    An energy audit will show you which areas of your home use the most energy and help you decide the most effective way to reduce energy costs. You can conduct a simple audit yourself, contact your local utility, or call an independent energy auditor for a more comprehensive examination. Check...
  8. Utilities
    We have natural gas. The gas company will do a free audit. Some of the points that they made... OUTLET PLUGS - foam inserts for the outlet plugs on outer walls - foam inserts for the light switches on outer walls These are very cheap and can be found at any hardware store. You screw off the...
  9. Utilities
    Our local company doesn't provide this service. :( Here's a DIY home energy audit.
1-9 of 9 Results