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  1. Freebies
    This free offer is available until Sunday April 4th night at 12m PT. Also, If you purchased this item prior to this promotion starting, you will automatically be credited the purchase cost by May 1st Xbox LIVE Marketplace | Modern Warfare® 2
  2. Question and Answer
    I would like a cool pop culture avatar like Russ do I do that? ;-)
  3. Freebies
    Fox has posted James Cameron's entire Avatar screenplay online for download. Compare the film's original script against the final cut, now in theaters and check out what didn't make it into the film.
  4. General Chat
    I changed my avatar. This is my baby girl, but she isnt little any more,this pic was taken In california .. she was 8 months then, now 24 years old.
  5. General Chat
    Just pointing out that I changed my avatar~ I have issues with remembering people by their avatar as much as their username and sometimes when people change their picture I don't realize who they are at first, lol. So, for others like me who are "username challenged" I thought I'd point out...
  6. General Chat
    Please feel free to egg away!
  7. General Chat
    Ok seems silly to have a post attached to this since the whole question fit in the header. Thanks in advance you mighty FVers.
  8. General Chat
    Muhahaha. *evil laugh*
  9. General Chat
    It's Christmas Eve! So I decided to post a new avatar of me performing in the Christmas drama this past week. Don't worry; I'll change it back in a couple of days. Meanwhile, rejoice! Why? 1. The play is over. It really made me nervous trying to memorize so much, but I did it! 2. Our...
  10. General Chat
    Can someone help me. I "purchased" the avator called "down the road" or something like that but I can not get it to be my avator. I am not good at computer stuff so can someone help please? TIA
  11. General Chat
    My new avatar is of our foster son. He is 18 days old and weighs 5 pounds. He is the tiniest little thing. We are not sure how long we will have him, but for now he is safe and very much loved!
  12. General Chat
    In honor of passing my 5 year hurdle, I have updated my avatar (Okay look past the double chin and overall tubbiness please! Hopefully once off all the meds I will lose the weight again. :bowing: This was taken 2 days ago at my friends home. She gave Jack a party/cookout celebrating his 65th...
  13. General Chat
    <---- Do you like my new Spring outfit?! :laugh: I'm having too much fun with my avatar today! Now, if only I was really that thin . . . :lol3:
  14. Freebies
    We are pleased to offer an anthology CD of Avatar Adi Da speaking with His devotees. This CD is free to anyone who would like to learn more about Him. The selection of Talks included here was taken from throughout the 30 years of Avatar Adi Da's formal Teaching-Work. The topics include: 1...
  15. General Chat
    I made an avatar that I use on other sites that has worked fine, but it's too big file wise here. I edited it on my other computer with photoshop to make it work - but we don't have any way right now to transfer it to this computer (other doesn't have internet). So i was hoping maybe someone...
1-15 of 79 Results