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  1. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    You may not even GET a job: Educated, Unemployed and Frustrated
  2. Third Agers
    DH and I are invited to a casual dinner party in a couple of weeks and I really, really don't want to go. Just say "No", right? Well, we've been avoiding invitations from the hosting couple for a while now and, it seems, they're starting to take it personally. When DH got the invite, the hostess...
  3. General Chat
    My friend who bless her heart says " I believe".... I love researching, learning new frugal things, sharing and stepping back and evaluating my life plan, and situation once in awhile to make sure I am on track. I know so many here do as well. That is why you are here. Kudos to you all for the...
  4. General Chat
    Thought this was interesting. Any ideas on how to help keep food costs under control? I am still stocking up,shopping sales and making from scratch! How about you? Here is the article for those interested: Inflation not a problem as long as you avoid food - The Buzz - Jan. 25, 2011
  5. General Chat
    Here is the article: This Is Not How You're Supposed to Fly Out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport - Dallas News - Unfair Park Don't drink and drive!
  6. Kitchen Basics
    I was using my StumbleUpon toolbar and came across this nifty site: 50 Ways to Never Waste Food Again It had tips that I have seen listed on the Village several times, but it also had some new ones that I hadn't seen. #24 involved mixing broken pasta bits with rice to make a side dish. #46...
  7. Health and beauty
    In April 1999, I had an accident. I fell while on rollerblades, in motion, and dislocated my right shoulder so bad that it popped out three different ways. I went to various doctors and was finally diagnosed with MDI (multidirectional instability). With my frame being very loose, it was...
  8. Kitchen Basics
    Hi Everyone, I've managed to cut my grocery bill quite a lot but most of that was "easy" stuff like cutting out unnecessary snack items and "time-saving" prepared items that I now make in batches and freeze. The other day, I took a look at the food items available at my local dollar store. I...
  9. Green Living
    Top 20 Food Additives to Avoid Allura Red AC - Food coloring in snacks, sauces, preserves, soups, wine, cider, etc. Avoid if you suffer from asthma, rhinitis (including hayfever), or urticaria (hives). Amaranth - Food coloring in wine, spirits, fish roe. Banned in the U.S. Avoid if you suffer...
  10. General Chat
    I am 24 and I live with my parents. I hoard money, have no debts, spend only 10% of my income, and so far I have managed to save up $35,000. It's not that much because I've been in university for a while. I am told by many that I must move out of the house. However, I am told that I should...
  11. Question and Answer
    I avoid it if possible. I like my peace and don't like confrontation.
  12. News you can use
    10 ways to avoid moving scams Everyone has tales of moving scams. Here are 10 ways to avoid being taken for a ride.
  13. Health and beauty Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck. It releases hormones that control metabolism (how your body gets energy from the food you eat), and if this process...
  14. News you can use
    How to avoid hidden travel fees High gas prices are a given this holiday weekend. But here are some top tips on what other travel fees you're likely to get hit with.
  15. News you can use
    Avoid hassle at the airport Here's a guide to help you survive your upcoming travels.
  16. News you can use
    10 common tax-filing mistakes to avoid Tax law changes have created new tax-filing pitfalls to watch out for, as well as the usual ones we face every filing season.
  17. News you can use
    Avoid rollover and refinancing penalties Do we have to claim our government rebate checks as income on our 2008 tax return? - Dusti, Idaho
  18. News you can use
    'Old-fashioned' banks manage to avoid credit crisis U.S. financial giants can apparently learn a thing or two from little banks in places such as Danvers, Mass.; Hudson City, N.Y.; ... </img>
  19. News you can use
    Fed chief Bernanke predicts USA will avoid a recession The U.S. economy will be "sluggish" in coming months before picking up later this year, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke ... </img>
  20. News you can use
    Countrywide plans to help more avoid foreclosure Countrywide Financial, under pressure to help stem growing home loan defaults, says it will expand programs to help borrowers ... </img>
1-20 of 40 Results