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  1. General Chat
    me :( my son is 4 and he is always getting into other people things. He gets into my makeup, or eats all his sisters candy or whatever. Well tonight I was excited because I had gotten my6 yr old a present for her upcoming birthday. Well my son found the bag and gave it to her. He didn't realize...
  2. General Chat
    Inkstain82. Congrats to our member of the week.:dancing: Cat
  3. General Chat
    (drum roll please) MY 15 Year old Son!!!!! (applause, applause!!) He's had quite the "holier than thou" attitude with the other children lately and has been warned several times about it!!! SO, last night we were sitting watching the news, (cue the commercials from hell) and hubby got up to...
  4. General Chat
    I've noticed that the guy members here at FV have all received an award ("The Thinker" no less, lol) just for being male. I'm thinking that we ladies need to come up with an award for being female... What should it be??? I kinda like :queen2: . Anyone else have any ideas?
  5. General Chat
    But I don't know what I did to actually get the award. It's for the garden club. No reason was listed in my profile. Do you think it's because I've been posting about eating things from the garden?
  6. Health and beauty
    NSI Synergy Multivitamins Earn Coveted "Editor's Choice" Award for Making Quality ... (NaturalNews) As the editor of, I'm responsible for reviewing nutritional products for more than one million readers who trust our independent...
  7. Family
    AAARRRGHHH! Last night, the Harlem Wizards were in town (similar to the Globetrotters) to play the local high school. We purchased three tickets in advance for dh, ds1, and ds2. We only purchased three because usually I work on Wednesday nights (we purchased them over one month ago). As it...
  8. General Chat
    This website is great. Somehow I have casino dollars and received an award. Don't ask me how, but somehow I did. Seriously, I really don't know how this happened. Can someone explain this to me. This site is definately a feel good site.
  9. Candy making
    This is an extremely high-demand recipe a good friend gave to me for parties. I have never taken these to a single function without bringing back an empty dish (and I usually make around 100!!) Try these once and you will be wondering why they arent sold in stores! You will need: - One...
  10. General Chat
    For outstanding citizenship!:applause:
  11. General Chat
    I am so excited, an award just showed up on my profile! :fdance: I have no idea why I got it, I'm just so happy to have my first award! :lol3: Thanks!
  12. General Chat
    I'm just a nerd - but I love the little awards!! pretty please ...............
  13. Education
    Her official ceremony is on June 3rd! I am so proud of her! In the states it is called Eagle scout!
  14. General Chat
    So I now have this baking award whenever I post. Where did I get that? Why? How? What for? Any answers out there? Grateful but mystified, Jean
  15. General Chat
    I just noticed that I had been given the Recognition for Participation Award. I'm so excited. Thanks!:yippee:
  16. General Chat
    Yay! I feel loved! Thanks!
  17. General Chat
    WOW!!!!:hurray: Thanks:)
  18. General Chat
    Thank you soo much!
1-18 of 41 Results