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    I keep dreaming about having babies and my own furture children. It's very real and I don't normally dream about that kind of thing. It's pretty cool :)
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  3. Family
    I was thinking yesterday and I had the biggest urge to have a baby. I am so close to my grandparents and I can't imagine a child of mine not knowing them. I told my DH that I want to have a baby now. My grandparents are getting old. I just can't imagine what it will be like when they are gone...
  4. Family
    Do you do anything special for your children when they are ill, that you wouldn't normally do? Mine have beds on the sofa and special videos, things they like to eat (within reason and sickness allowing) and we have a 'treasure box' that is a shoe box with sparkly buttons, jewellery, pictures...
  5. Family
    It has been a crazy week here. I throw a winter bazaar every year for my handicapped clients and it was scheduled for today, and naturally I run myself down and generally wind up with a cold. Weds I get a call from day care telling me Karla-4 month old- is congested and they are concerned about...
  6. Family
    I know I do !!!!! With all of the excitement going on around here with Sara's new baby, I just though I would ask...... I miss the smell of a freshly bathed baby.......:( :babybot: :baby:
  7. Family
    Cole age 2 months
  8. Family
    my son is 17 months old and weighs like 35lbs. i was just wondering if anyone else has babies that are "big" for their age??? ;)
  9. Family
    1st i gotta post pictures of my babies! here they are. madison is 4 and next post is mason - 17 months. ok....who's next?!?!?! come'on, wanna share?? :D
  10. Frugal Living
    I was just wondering if you feed your baby one kind of formula or if you switch around depending on what is on sale. We get WIC but have been running out a week or so before the next appointment so I bought walmarts brand of formula. DS seems to love it! I think I paid 6 something for a 1lb...
81-90 of 90 Results