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  1. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy Birthday! Hope it's special!! :bdaypty: Dixie Jean
  2. Support
    I received an email this morning from a friend of Tammy's letting me know that Tammy's mom passed away on Saturday. The funeral is today. As some of you may know Tammy's dad passed away in January with many family problems arising from that. Tammy, with only Steve by her side is having to deal...
  3. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Wishing you a lovely day Tammy! :bdaypty:
  4. Health and beauty
    I hope you are feeling better.  :well: :flowers:
  5. General Chat
    Tammy, How close will Ivan come to you? I know you will be affected with the winds and rain, but where is it in connection with where you live? Stay safe my friend and check in when you can! Love ya! :smooch:
  6. Home Environment
    ...are you flinging? Cuz you've got a new broom to do it with! Congratulations! :clap:
  7. General Chat
    Tammy how are you and little Jayme doing? I think of you often and miss you on the boards. Hope everyone is doing well, especially Jayme. Give her a :hug2: from her adopted grandma. :hug2:
  8. Kitchen Basics
    I wanted a recipe for bisciuts and I knew Tammy was the one to ask, her being a southern gal and all. ;) I made them last night for dinner and they are fantastic! :thumb: Here is her recipe: I then asked for about how much flour to start with for 8-10 biscuits. Thanks Tammy! :D
  9. General Chat
    You are beautiful, thanks for sharing "you"!!:smball:
  10. General Chat
    I love your new avatar!!! That picture of Jayme is adorable. (as are all the others you've used) :smball:
1-10 of 10 Results