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  1. General Chat
    I don't have a specific question...just looking for moral support and some semblance of comfort. After several years of scrambling post housing-crash, we are finally at the end of the trail. It's time to wave the white flag and dump the debt and big house with two mortgages. Comes at a bad...
  2. General Chat
    This look mostly based in the northeast. We don't have any of these stores around here. Major Grocer Files for Bankruptcy | News | Money/Investing | Mainstreet
  3. Financial hardship
    We haven't decided on bankruptcy, but we're doing all of our research on every angle possible, so we're filling out all the "homework" paperwork given to us by the lawyer and I also tried to do a "Means Test" online, which left us totally confused. The test required me to indicate mine and my...
  4. Financial hardship
    I had my meeting with the bankruptcy trustee yesterday and have been mulling things over.. Other pertinent information: When I got divorced I was involved in a bankruptcy from our business when it dissolved. So this would count as a second strike for me. I have two options. 2.) Bankruptcy...
  5. Financial hardship
    I used to post on here often, but I've dealth with a lot over the past year and pretty well vanished. To introduce myself, I'm a single mom of two girls. A couple of years ago, I would have said that I had it "all". Despite a nasty divorce, I had purchased a cute little house on my own, was...
  6. Dave Ramsey
    In short: I purchased several homes (7) from 2003-2006 as rental homes all in my name. I have lost close to 25k this year due to fixups, bad renters and renters losing there jobs and the 4 month process to evict. I have used up all my savings, during the past 4yrs totaling around $60k. 4...
  7. Financial hardship
    I haven't been on here for about 3 weeks give or take. For those of you who have listened to me for many months we turned in the final paperwork today. Well, we mailed it to the lawyer. About 3 weeks ago with our last appointment we turned in alot of it but the total amount was massive as it...
  8. Financial hardship
    Well we met with the bankruptcy lawyer today and much to our surprise, while willing to file, he said his advice was NOT to file. At least at this time and that maybe it wouldn't be necessary. This is the same one we saw back in January. He was a Trustee for many years. Want to say 20...
  9. Financial hardship
    Ok, I got DR read and tried filling out the pro rata. Closed our cking acct because fingers were in it. I'd give them permission to take out 52 they'd go 56, take out 112 they'd go 125. Sending payments in mail order now. No cking acct. Hubby is getting crazy with all the phone calls. Now...
  10. Financial hardship
    I didn't date for 8 yrs (by choice), am a single mother of one, and had 2 homes, 4 acres, 3 cars and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. All had been purchased while a single mom too. I had 43 credit cards, and 815 credit score, and was never late, not even ONE payment EVER. I paid the balance on...
  11. Financial hardship
    I never in my life thought we would be in this position. My husband and I are both devastated but we dont have any choice as far as we can see. My husband went from earning about 1200.00 a week to 800.00 and all the credit card companies we dealt with are raising or have raised their minimum...
  12. General Chat
    Breaking news. The house just passed the bankruptcy law allowing bankruptcy judges to modify the terms of a mortgage IF the people can prove that the bankruptcy was unavoidable and IF they can show that with modification they can actually afford the home. Bank Executives had the gall to imply...
  13. General Chat I won't copy and paste the article but it lists quite a few stores that used this company to process its rebates. Several like BB&B, Costco are...
  14. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Just curious..
  15. Question and Answer
    My ILs have always joked that we (dh and I) are their retirement plan. Through a lifetime of bad luck, not saving and planning well they have now reached their 60s and have absolutely no savings at all. Things are starting to come to a head and I can tell the time is drawing near that they are...
  16. News you can use
    We are suffering from a fiscal cancer!
  17. News you can use
    Can bankruptcy help you? Bankruptcy is a tough road, best reserved for those who don't have any other options.
  18. News you can use
    Refinancing after bankruptcy Lenders won't be swarming to refinance a home even after a bankruptcy is discharged, says the Bankruptcy Adviser.
  19. News you can use
    Dirty dozen: bankruptcy myths debunked You might think you have all the information on how bankruptcy works, but you probably don't.
  20. News you can use
    Lenders create a bankruptcy monster The bankruptcy reform law isn't working as advertised -- and lenders, whose loose lending standards contributed to the problem, appear to be abusing the system.
1-20 of 46 Results