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  1. Religion
    Daughter is soon to be confirmed, she needs to wright a report about Holy Baptism, she got it done and did a great job, in it though she said that Baptism can make you a stonger believer, now this is a report on how "she feels about it" the pastor made several "corrections" on her report that I...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Emily will be baptised in late July, the reception, for 40 or so will be at a local waterfront Portugese rest. Centerpieces will be huricane glass vases with sand, shells and lg candle, haven't picked linen colors yet-leaning toward purple and lavender or apple green. Invitations are a dusty...
  3. Religion
    two sunday's ago
  4. General Chat
    :hug2: Just checking in to see h owyour baptism went! I'm so excited for you!!!! Love ya!
  5. Religion
    I wrote this tonight for myself, but I'm wondering about sharing it at my baptism tomorrow??? I'm not sure though if that's a good idea or I should just keep it private for me. I would value your opinion. Jesus here I stand before you, Clutching at my life, Take it gently from me, Tomorrow in...
  6. Family
    Today was Madison's baptism. :angel: On the day she was born her Grandma gave her the most beautiful silk dress that is almost as long as me with a little matching bonnet. She looked like a little doll today and was so good. Her Godmother and I almost started to cry up there during the...
1-6 of 6 Results