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    Mattie & Brittany are going on a ski trip with our church. The church had some ski clothes the kids could borrow. Brittany found some to wear. Mattie, unfortunately, is built like her momma and that ain't a good thing. But she did find a snow suit that would have sufficed. But no I couldn't let...
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    Stocks barely mixed before long weekend on reports Stocks ended barely mixed after lackluster economic reports offered investors little incentive to put down big bets ahead of ... </img>
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    To figure out which of your duds are, in fact, duds, try this hanging technique from Kim Cosentino, a professional organizer in Westmont, Illinois: Hang all your clothes with the hooks opening toward the room (this will seem like the wrong way). After you wear an item, replace it on the hanger...
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    I want to give the tools I've learnt thru living with chronic illness before I forget (feeling better lately!):D This stuff is useful info whether you have a new baby, are coping under a great deal of stress, a new job, back to school, you name it. There are times in life where it's useful...
1-5 of 6 Results