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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    22 March 2012 Rainwater barrels connected to downspout. 22 March 2012 Rainwater barrels connected to downspout. The four drums connected to the house downspout. There is a total of 200 US gallons of water. The connections are removed in the Fall and the barrels emptied to prevent freezing.
  2. Make It Yourself
    Anyone here every made their own water barrel? I'm trying to think of somewhere that we could get just a regular barrel for cheap (reuse one). I'm sure my DH could figure it out pretty easy as far as the construction of it (he's pretty handy). Just curious if anyone had some ideas...
  3. Green Living
    My friend at work told me about a place not too far from where I live that had some for sale. I got 2 35gal? ones and 2 of the 55gal ones. They were $10 and $5 each. I am going to cut the top of one of the small ones to plant potatoes in and make a tumbling compost (hopefully soon) from the...
  4. Green Living
    I found a place that sells those big blue empty feed barrels. They only want $20 each. It is a bit of a drive, but much less money than ready-made rain barrels. Does anyone have advice on how to convert them into rain barrels? I will need to make it mosquito-proof and make it so debris...
  5. Utilities
    dh found a man who will sell him plastic rain barrels for 11 each to bad the gas will cost him $10 to go get them So as soon as I find the directions I printed off we will have 2 for our garden
  6. Make It Yourself
    I know I saw a post on here a while back about someone making their own rain barrel and there were pictures, but I can't find that post, can anyone point me to the post, pretty please?
  7. Green Living
    I made a homemade rain barrel to catch rain water for my garden. Hopefully this year we'll have plenty of rain and not go through a drought like last year. I bought three 55 gallon food grade barrels from our local co-op for $10 each. I have only prepared one as of yet, but the plan is to link...
  8. Green Living This is the dish liquid we use in our home. I was poking around on Seventh Generation's website the other day and found the oil info quite interesting.
  9. Home Environment
    I really would love to use some of this rain we get up here in Mi. Rain barrels are so expensive. Has anyone made their own?? I was looking at the logistics of it and for a very simple one I was thinking a garbage can with a tigh fitting lid, rubber hosing to run from the gutter to the top of...
1-9 of 9 Results