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  1. Kitchen Basics
    We bought a grilling basket/wok a couple years ago and I still haven't made anything in it. What do you cook in them (I know veggies for the most part) , do you season them after the stuff cooks? Any tips, hints or recipes? Thank you!
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    May Day is right around the corner! Does anyone celebrate it? I remember making a beautiful May Day basket out of a milk container during kindergarten. I was so excited to give it to my mom, until my brother who could run faster, told me that only one of us could give Mom a May Day basket...
  3. Christmas
    So I'm really excited about christmas this year...we're working on our dave ramsey and though it's frustraing at times, it's also a lot of fun coming up with ways to be creative... For christmas this year, everyone is getting a themed basket...I've been really into planet green and absorbing as...
  4. General Chat
    Kind of a spin-off from the Yankee Candle thread about the great post-holiday sales. Hickory Farms (online only) also has some great deals if anybody has a guy in their lives to gift coming up (or just for yourself!) there are some pretty good deals to be had! Just thought I'd pass that on.
  5. General Chat
    Fruit baskets adorn church, feed hungry By REBECCA AUBUT Standard- Times NEW BEDFORD — Parishioners decorate their sanctuaries for special occasions, but for their holiday decorations, the congregation at St. Francis of Assisi is making it an occasion to do something special — decorating two...
  6. Homesteading and gardening
    I seem to kill them.... I always have flowering hanging baskets that die. I pick the dead flowers off, only water when the little tag says too...I don't know what the deal is. Are they only meant to last a little while? Am I supposed to repot them when the get all root bound? Any advice would be...
  7. Home and family challenges
    Just wanted to let you all know that at CVS, they have plastic containers and baskets on clearance. All CVS's are different, I have been to three and 1 of them they are 25% off, one of them is 50% off and one store has them 75% off. I got a 3 basket set for $2.50 and am going to go back for...
  8. Easter
    For those of you with older children (teenage or older)...have you stopped preparing Easter baskets for your children?
  9. Easter
    I don't remember seeing this question, so I'll ask: How many of you will be putting together your children's Easter baskets & how many of you will be buying the already packaged baskets? I always buy individual items for each kiddo & then stuff their baskets.
  10. Pets
    All the kitties found baskets to sleep in this afternoon. Caspi & TwoTone in the basket I use to gather clutter from room to room :rolleyes: Poncho snoozing on the basket of school supplies in my bedroom. And then when he realized I had the camera he decided to strike a pose :lol:
  11. Easter
  12. Easter I have TONS of yarns I can use for these.
  13. Christmas
  14. Make It Yourself
    Gift baskets are a great way to make a personal gift for family or friends. This article includes many ideas of containers and themes to help you get started on a gift basked for everyone on your list. Gift baskets can be a lot of fun for you and the recipient and don't have to cost a lot of...
  15. Christmas
    How often do we make gift baskets for adults and never think of gift baskets for kids. Let your creativity flow and see what you can come up with when it comes to baskets for kids. Here are a few: ~doctor/nurse kit - you can pick up a cheap stethascope if you really look. You always see...
  16. Make It Yourself
    Gift Baskets Galore by Brenda Spagnola-Wilson Homemade gift baskets can be a great way to save money or to put together a last minute gift. They can be personalized for specific occasion (like a wedding) or a basket everyone could enjoy (a family night out basket). The best things about...
  17. For Sale or Trade
    In excellent condition.... both have two handles on each side... smaller basket will nest inside of larger basket... both have a ceramic "grape scene" on the front... larger basket measures: 16" X 14" X 8" high (not including handles) smaller basket measures: 12" X 11" X 7" high (not including...
  18. Christmas
    Christmas Themed Gift Baskets Christmas Themed Gift Basket Ideas CHRISTMAS GIFT BASKET 1 Fill a decorative Christmas box or tin with: assorted home-baked cookies ~ assorted chocolates ~ Christmas ornaments (better if you made them yourself)~ pre-recorded Christmas music ~ tuck in some candy...
  19. Christmas
    We did this last year and it is fun to see what others do. I have some new items this year. What types of things do you make for gifts and/or put in baskets? Mine this year will consist of; ~ apple butter ~ pumpkin butter (a very popular one) ~zucchini relish ~ salsa ~ coasters from my rag...
  20. Home Environment
    and what do you use them for? I used to have a ton of baskets, but now only have one that I can think of now. :eek: It's in my kitchen and excess stuff gets temporarily placed in there until I put it where it belongs. I still haven't bought my closet fabric lined baskets. I don't know why I...
1-20 of 29 Results