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  1. Home Environment
    Hubby wants a small flat screen in the bathroom along with a book shelf I think he is looking for way to stay in there longer than he already does. heck .... Which one of us is crazy?
  2. DIY
    So after a week and a half straight, we finished both the half bathroom on the main level and the master bathroom on the second level. The half bathroom was a complete gut job. We removed everything except for the plywood below the subfloor (because it was in good shape) and the walls. The...
  3. Home Environment
    I've always had a bathroom with a long counter and multiple drawers and cabinets underneath. This seemed to be the norm in the 70's era houses that we lived in. We are now looking at newer homes, or ones that have been renovated, and it seems that most have either pedestal sinks or small...
  4. Home Decorating
    This article stands out as potentially helpful for those wanting to update their bathroom. The new trends in bathroom design are certainly beautiful, elegant, and luxurious but for those of us on a budget it may not be reasonable to totally redo the entire room. There are, however, lots of...
  5. Home Environment
    Master Bathroom Declutter: Easy as A, B, C! by Cynthia Townley Ewer Editor, OrganizedHome.Com 12:15 PM A master bathroom in any suburban location. Home to grooming rituals and personal care chores--and heir to all sorts of oddments and obsessions. What will our valiant declutterer find...
  6. Home Environment
    Jpw many do you have to clean? We only have one bathroom in our home.
  7. Home Decorating
    ROFL or so it seems. So I'm trucking along, singin a song, getting the bathrooms all gussied up with plaster, paint and a matched set of new toilets (with clean sides and base! see toilet thread) and the kitchen sink springs a leak. Jealous thing!!!! And not just any leak but some kind of...
  8. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    How many bathrooms in your home?
  9. Home and family challenges
    Phew!! do I feel relieved and grossed completely out at the same time!! I had no idea my children were such budding scientists!! I had to thoroughly cleaned their bathroom cuz it smelled like Tijuana without the dog Tacos!!! :yikes: Poor Aimee has been cleaning it - she wanted the job and so I...
  10. Home Decorating
    We have one which can really be a pain but we make do. How about you?
  11. General Chat
    I can use public bathrooms, but I take mental notes of the bad ones, so I can try and avoid them in the future. *LOL* My husband flat out refuses to use public bathrooms. The man won't even use a bathroom at his workplace. Sara
1-11 of 12 Results