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  1. Beadwork and Jewelry
    Hmmm...this particular area seems a bit underused. Are there any other beaders out here? I love stringing beads to make people and window jewelry. And I also do some wire and bead sculptures that can be made into jewelry or magnets or window art. Mostly I just love fiddling with beads.
  2. Beadwork and Jewelry
    I make cell phone fobs for myself and my dds and neices. I just made them with lobster claws so that they can be interchanged without having to use a new cell phone attachment thing(hey I am a pro lol) They love them and I make them pretty fancy. These would make CHEAP GREAT gifts esp around...
  3. Beadwork and Jewelry
    Is anyone else interested in beading, besides myself and littlewolf? I have tons of beads and supplies and access to a lot more and am thinking about putting up an eboard of beads, findings, patterns and ideas and just wondered if there is enough interest to make it worthwhile. Let me know what...
1-3 of 3 Results