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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    For those of you who buy your plants, what kind of prices are they asking for them? We start most of ours from seed but I will be buying a couple of plants (tomato & couple 6 pks of flowers) and was wondering what prices nowadays are like.Thanks
  2. Health and beauty
    ~I'm buying bed frames for the kids today but I'm having a hard time shopping for the bedding because of dd. She's finally moving out of her toddler bed(she's very petite) so I have to get her a new mattress. But her allergies have been so bad this year(she's starting to sound like my asthmatic...
  3. Home Decorating
    MY little angel needed a larger blanket for her bed. I had 10 yrds of stripped fabric 1 yrd of fabric with princesses on it and only half a yard of purple fabric. This is what I was able to come up with without buying anything but purple thread. We also painted her walls sky blue 9 ( left over...
  4. General Chat
    *edit I couldn't post links to give you an idea, but they were both at overstock* I had bought a sheet set and quilt set which is a bit of a splurge right now :wink: although I'm sure it'll have me crunched anyway for this month :o but I figured since you sleep in a bed everyday, it's worth it...
  5. Utilities
    We have no heat but what rises through the vents on the second floor of our house. All of the beds have electric blankets which work fine. Since electric rates are going up again I'm wondering if maybe with different bedding if maybe we could warm the beds up with the electric blankets and...
  6. Just Tips
    I have been saving mine, and I mentioned the other day the I have used one for my DD's LP toys. I needed more bags for her toys today (I want the blocks in their own container, and they have outgrown theirs. I also want the "food" separated, as well as the tea party toys) so I went upstairs...
  7. Pregnancy
    I am getting excited can you tell :D The bedding that I registered for has yet to be in stock when I go to the Target near my house so instead of waiting on it, I used the gift card my dad and his girlfriend gave us for Christmas and ordered it online. My aunt got us the comforter/quilt, my...
  8. Pets
    How often do you bath your pets and how often do you clean their bedding? We never bath the cats and I never want to either. They sleep anywhere they feel like, usually someones bed, so there is no special "bedding" to clean. The cats keep themselves clean and they never smell. Litter boxes...
  9. General Chat
    <IMG height=110 src="" width=110 align=top>     Now you know why this show was so important.
  10. Home Decorating Neat site with so many patterns for bedding, window treatments, cushions etc.
  11. Home Decorating
    do you have a fitted sheet? flat sheet? comforter? bedspread? lumbar pillows? regular pillows? duvet? feather bed? Which way does your flat sheet go? Pattern up or down? Do you add a fleece or electric blanket in the winter?
1-11 of 11 Results