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  1. Pets
    My cat seems to really like the sounds of paper, especially brown paper bags. Doesn't matter how big or small the bag but she likes to sit on it then use her back feet to make noise. Always freaks me out at first since I think she is going to the bathroom but no, she is just moving her back...
  2. Pets
    Does your pet do anything that you really can not figure out what it is happening. My one cat will be sleeping and all of a sudden wake up and start yelling then immediately run over to me and jump on my lap. I can't help but wonder if she had a bad dream.
  3. General Chat
    Am curious. Does menopause cause you to behave more irrattionally? Know someone who is going through menopause. Am trying to be more understanding. I realize the hormones are all over the place. Just would like to know what to expect from people who have already gone through this. Thanks...
  4. General Chat
    Hi, My sister and I are debating over where is the best place to store all your passwords. She says right on the computer and I say not. It would be interesting to see what everyone thinks about this. Thanks, Serena and Megan my sweets
  5. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    This made me feel good about myself. I follow a general monthly budget, and then do things more specifically every two weeks when The Doctor gets paid. Well, I forgot that my bc pills needed refilled this week and they weren't accounted for. Instead of just slapping 50 bucks on the credit...
  6. Health and beauty Several years ago, I was fortunate to meet a lady named Deborah at a fasting clinic in northern California. I had several conversations with Deborah over the course of a year, and what I remember most about her is that her kindness was amazingly...
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
    Humans Rational and Irrational Buying Behavior Is Mirrored in Monkeys
  8. Health and beauty
    Malnutrition Leads to Antisocial Behavior Mon Nov 22, 5:02 PM ET Add to My Yahoo! Health - HealthDay MONDAY, Nov. 22 (HealthDayNews) -- Children who are malnourished in their first few years of life are more likely to be aggressive and antisocial throughout childhood and into their late...
  9. Support
    Thought I'd share maybe we can all benefit from these. Free Booklets On Behavior, Emotions, Bipolar an more *Thanks Annette*
  10. Family
    How old is your daughter? My boys did some biting to other little kids when they were between 1 and 2 yrs. old about. You did the right thing. Like you said she was may be tired and also she will slowly get the message that if she bites, there will be a boring consequence. :)
1-10 of 11 Results