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  1. General Chat
    Yeah......Bev is back. How wonderful it is to "see" you. Sorry if I get a little over excited in the other post, I don't get out You have been missed lady, and we are so glad to have you back with us. :smooch: :grwave: :clap: :yippee: :band: :dancing: :hurray:
  2. General Chat
    Just let us know how you're doing...We love you and remember if you fall off the wagon to just climb right back on...You are worth it! The days you make it are not "wasted"...A day you don't smoke is a day you don't smoke! Hope you are still winning!:D I'm so proud of you cause you are a...
  3. Simple Living
    Baptism~"It represents a covenant made with our Heavenly Father. It is much more than a right of passage. It is a gateway to a new manner of living, and a new road on which to walk that leads to eternal life. It was never intended as a dead end. It was intended to open a glorious and...
  4. General Chat
    I hope everything is OK.
  5. Goals and Dreams
    I ran across this link, it is a UK site, so maybe you can find some things that will help.
  6. Kitchen Basics
    I hope I did this right. I took my grandmas recipe and converted it to your measurements. This is a simple cake and can be eaten alone or topped with fresh fruit or whipping cream or both! :D Sponge Cake 4 large eggs 1 lb. granulated or caster sugar 1/2 lb. (225g) flour 2 teaspoons baking...
  7. Christmas
    :reindeer: Lots of recipes, knitting, crocheting projects, gifts to make, crafts.....etc...............:reindeer:
  8. General Chat
    Hi Bev, I just saw your new avatar and I love it!!!! You hould really make some cards with that on it to sell. It's so precious! :hugz:
  9. General Chat
    Bev, I wanted to say... I love your new avatar! It is soooo lovely and peaceful! Did you make it? Lucie :)
  10. Computers
    Open up your two pictures. And select the freehand selection tool. (lasso tool) Our next step will be to cut out emy. Lasso tool in action Done! Now we need to copy our selection. And we paste it as a new image. Voila! We have a third picture that we will touch up a bit to make the...
  11. Pets
    I have been wondering about Chip and dale. Are they getting more accustomed to everyone? or are they still skiddish? :)
1-11 of 26 Results