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  1. General Chat
    What is your spouses biggest pet peeve about you? Do you have a biggest pet peeve about your spouse?
  2. Healthy Cooking
    Cooking Faberlicious: Garbonzo Bean Meatballs
  3. Thanksgiving
    Are you sure it will fit in your oven? I only have a 15lb'r (exactly) so I'm no where near the biggest for a Village record, lol. :bird:
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
    The next season starts tonite. I love this show. Not only is it entertaining, but I appreciate NBC trying to get America off their butts!!! Looking forward to tonite!!!!
  5. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    So I started our debt reduction process in July 2007. It wasn't until June 2008 I really started to focus, and wasn't until Jan 2009 I went nuts. When this started, we had about $49000 in credit card debt. Medical bills, stupidity, and the list goes on. I didn't think we would ever see the...
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    No one has been commenting on the show for a long far as I can see...I am not even sure who was voted off the last time..can someone help me out? Today I saw a commercial and...horror of horrors...the hateful girl from the red team is coming BACK!!! Oh NO, I can't stand her.....looking...
  7. General Chat
    I apologize if this has been posted before. Most of these are very very common sense, but I still thought it was an interesting read. Biggest Rip-offs: The 12 Biggest Rip-offs in America
  8. General Chat
    with 2009 finally over its time to reflect on what we think we did right or wrong... but instead of dwelling on the negative...lets think positive thoughts 'what is your single biggest gratitude of 2009' and why.....' for me its the fact that i finally got my financial house...
  9. General Chat
    I found this on my homepage and thought it was interesting, enjoy.
  10. Sweeps and Online Contests
    I thought I would put this out here. My biggest sweepstakes win was a $1000. gift certificate to Spiegel a few years back.
  11. Leisure & Media Arts
    I thought I'd create this thread since the upcoming season has been on my mind. The new season of TBL, season 7, starts Jan 6, 2009. There are previews available on the NBC website and in the related videos, you can see the weigh in of the biggest couple. Ever. Two nineteen year old...
  12. General Chat
    Ok, we moved to Canada in November 2002 and got our phone line through Telus. We have moved once since we came here, and that's when we got the new house. There was no problem changing the phone number to this location that we're at now. Bring us up to April 30, 2008 and we have me and DH...
  13. Secondhand Shopping
    ended up weighing like 400lbs. :( DH got a new computer and with his old one still being usable, we gave it to the kids. We put it downstairs in their playroom because we have no room in the living room, and their bedrooms are too small for a desk + computer system. Luckily, DH works for a...
  14. Find Your Kith
    I just watched the season premire from last night on the computer. They have alot of guts to get on those scales in front of the world. I won't even do it at weight watchers.. Their show is getting me motivated to really work hard to lose this weight.
  15. Home Environment
    Just wondering what everyone's biggest challenge is when it comes to organizing? I'd have to say that mine is that I had ADD. I get myself nice and organized but it just doesn't seem to stay that way very long and it's so frustrating! :(
  16. General Chat
    I was watching this show tonight, and thought I would share it with you all... with the market being the way it is right now, things are tight. Doesn't matter if you are buying or selling... you know what to avoid (or avoid doing) 25 Biggest Real Estate Mistakes
  17. News you can use
    Fed's Kohn: Economy's biggest threat isn't prices A top Federal Reserve official said Tuesday that the risk the economy will weaken further is a bigger worry than inflation, and ... </img>
  18. Leisure & Media Arts
    Does anyone watch this? I saw about 10 minutes of it, then our power went out. Can you tell me how the show was last night? Who left, if they lost alot, etc. Thanks, Dawn
  19. Leisure & Media Arts
    anyone watching this show..i am soooooooooooo in love with it.. just spent the week end watching the aussie version on the web..i love bob harper he is so kind and jillian is a sweetie too.
  20. Question and Answer
    The one thing that could undo your frugality if you just let go and ran with it? For me it would be buying clothes and accessories. Especially now that I've lost so much weight. I could just really (and have to admit have at weak moments but got control of myself again) go nuts. What's yours?
1-20 of 49 Results