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  1. Military Families
    well, he got the news 2 days ago. he will begin a training about an hour or so from here in about a month. after that, he will go to either florida or texas where he will stay for 1 year.:(  he is a diesal mechanic. we are so happy he will be staying in the states, BUT my sil is pregnant and due...
  2. Support
    I need good thoughts for DHSB, he got married last year after BIL was murdered and his wife pulled a gun on him Wednesday, she didn't shoot him (Thank You Lord). She scratched his face up really bad and was hitting him, He's a really big guy 6'4" and 250 + lbs. But gentle as a lamb. I think she...
  3. General Chat He's a Dale Ernhart impersonator, and his first name is even Dale! Just thought you might want to take a look.
21-23 of 24 Results