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  1. General Chat Another 50 year old!
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    Free Billy Graham book. . . "Hope Again":
  5. Freebies Peace with God Billy Graham Originally written in 1953, Peace with God has become a Christian classic. Revised and expanded in 1984, the book points the way, the only way, to authentic personal peace in a world in crisis. Since its original...
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  7. Freebies I already have this book in my collection and I highly recommend all of Beth Moore's books.   edited to fix the link
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    It was great!! I have seen hundreds of shows over the years, literally, but this was fabulous! Billy Joel was sick in March and the show was rescheduled and I really considered not going, I hate the hassle of going to NYC on a weeknight, but it was so worth it. They both sounded great, our seats...
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1-13 of 13 Results