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  1. Support
    I dislike it. I have been experiencing symptoms of bipolar mania for a couple months now. I'm normally pretty good about catching myself and getting treatment, but this time I let it go on for far too long. :( One of the worst parts of it is my inability to focus. My first warning sign? I...
  2. Freebies
    Free BiPolar and Disorders Kit, DVD and Journal click on either Read about ABILIFY and Bipolar I Disorder. OR Read about ABILIFY and Schizophrenia. OR REGISTER AT TOP TO GET YOUR FREE KITS...
  3. Freebies
    Receive our free brochures. Check the brochures you wish to receive and fill out your mailing information below. Coping with Stress Brochure. Will help you understand how stress affects your health. Helping Someone Who is Depressed. For families and friends Bipolar Disorder: Stories of Coping...
  4. Health and beauty
    Does anyone have this or know anything about it? My grandmother had it, although I never knew it until after she passed and my mother told me (she died in 1993 when I was 20). My uncle (mom's brother) is on medication for depression. I have been treated for depression, both with medication and...
  5. Health and beauty
    Hi ladies and gents (didn't know there were so many gents around here! :) ) I have some questions for anyone who either has bipolar or who has a partner who is bipolar, particularily those who are taking lithium. Does anyone have any experience in this line?
  6. Family
    Does anyone else have a spouse who is living with bipolar? My DH was diagnosed with Type II Bipolar about a month ago -- finally, after five years of stress and fighting on both our parts, we know what the problem is! Since he was diagnosed, our relationship has improved 10 fold. He's much...
  7. Support
    Bipolar Breakthrough The Report An animal feed specialist's cure for manic depression in people gets confirmation at Harvard
  8. Support
    Dh's cousin is bipolar but I don't notice anything different about him. Is it like depression?
  9. Support
    I've heard so much about this disorder and really would like to know what the symptoms are and exactly how this affects a person and their family.
  10. Support
    Thought I'd share maybe we can all benefit from these. Free Booklets On Behavior, Emotions, Bipolar an more *Thanks Annette*
  11. Health and beauty
    **I guess this is why he walked away before the Super Bowl and noone knew where he was. Agent LB Robbins Has Bipolar Disorder The Associated Press Feb 4 2003 3:26AM OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - The mystery surrounding Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins has become a little clearer. Robbins'...
  12. Support
    The therapist my DS#1 talks to thinks he is bipolar. How do you deal with someone with bipolar? He goes off for no reason at times. You never know when or what will happen next. The school is going to pay to have a psychological evaluation done to see if we are all missing something. They are...
1-12 of 12 Results