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  1. Education
    my oldest son is in CSAP testing today to evaluate how much he has learned thus far. My mommy heart is all over the place because he's growing up, went to testing without me, etc BABY is growing up all big and everything!! Cross your fingers he's not too nervous, and that he'sable to...
  2. Success Stories
    We have some extra money after our storm damage repairs. Part of it is going to get the walls and/or crawlspace insulated (getting estimate today) and finish the shed (needs one more door and shelves, finish painting and trim). The rest is paying off my student loan...
  3. Pets
    OK, let me first tell you that I am not new to puppy behavior and have trained and raised several nice pups. But Molly is a challenge for certain! She is biting/ nipping alot! While I realize this is normal puppy behavior, when you try to stop her or tell her to sit, no bite, etc she seems to...
  4. Family
    I"m not sure where to post this so I picked here :) My 11 mo old won't stop biting me! I have bruises all over my shoulders and arms. He hasn't learned to use his beautiful 4 teeth for only good and not evil. This is the first time I"ve been happy to NOT breast feed! Any suggestions on...
  5. Family
    Now, DH works hard and provides for us well. This year, he's getting a nice raise. Since we're doing okay, I want to put a bit of it into the budget -- and add the rest to his pre-tax retirement contributions. In previous years, DH has never made a peep when I've decided things like that...
  6. Pets
    Dogs need to chew to relieve stress and excess energy. In fact, puppy teething is a natural part of development. If your dog chews on something that is off-limits, say "no" or "eh" in a low voice. Then give your dog a safe chew toy. Praise him for good behavior. Remember to give your dog safe...
  7. Family
    How old is your daughter? My boys did some biting to other little kids when they were between 1 and 2 yrs. old about. You did the right thing. Like you said she was may be tired and also she will slowly get the message that if she bites, there will be a boring consequence. :)
1-7 of 8 Results