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  1. Needle Arts
    Since I have finished my knitting for the homeless, I want to make knitted blankets for shelter dogs/cats. Does anyone know what size I would make or yarn I would use? Thanks!
  2. General Chat
    someone brought up electric blankets in another thread and it has me wondering.... ds's room gets pretty cold (downstairs basement) we use the wood burner for heat mostly (propane furnace if needed) and we try to keep it 68-70 in here. We have two electric heaters that tend to be used almost on...
  3. Frugal Living
    I was at JoAnn's Fabric the other day and saw these really thick curtain blanket things...insulation...I found instructions on making it and plan on doing so for winter...but I can't find anything that says it works the other way for summer keep the cool in...i assume it does but that...
  4. Christmas
    Morning all! I was thinking of making a few fleece tie blankets for gifts this Christmas. My question is..what do you think is a good price for fleece? Do you know if there is ever a deal on Black Friday at JoAnn Fabrics? I have been pricing the fleece and it seems like it is going to cost...
  5. Hobbies
    I found this while reading Womans Day and wanted to share... They even have one made from old sweaters! Womans Day Blankets
  6. Kitchen Basics
    does anyone know what i could use to accompany pigs in blankets (saugages wrapped in bacon) all i can think of it potatoes but i need something else. thanks if anyone posts
  7. Sewing
    This is going to be my next project and I think I could sell them for a nice profit. I will make them out of flannel. What do you think? Would you pay 45 for one of these?
  8. Frugal Living
    I have heard varying things about electric blankets, what's your take? Are they safe? Are they worth it? How much do they run? Thanks!
  9. Make It Yourself
    Ok I was just wondering how to make the frindges on these blankets. I guess that I should be asking my mom on this. I want to make some for gifts in my family. My youngest nephew has one. Plus I have seen alot of them around. Just couris on how to make them. :scratch: :smhelp:
  10. Hobbies
    These are so popular I'm sure many of you have made them. I am going to take advantage of some summer fleece sales and stock up. I have never made one, but I do grasp the concept and think it shouldn't be too hard. I was told to buy 2 yards for each side of the blanket, or, 4 yards per...
  11. Sewing
    Can anyone tell me how to make receiving blankets. I found a pattern on the internet, but my sewing machine doesn't have any fancy stitches. It does have a zigzag stitch. Can I just cut my flannel to size and zigzag around the edges? I don't want to make it double layers, just single. TIA
  12. Utilities
    We have 2 zone heating in our house (furnace upstairs and one downstairs). The one upstairs keeps cutting off because the latch on the door is broken and it won't stay shut. Our bedroom is freezing! I have sheets, a thermal blanket and 2 comforters on the bed.
  13. Needle Arts
    I was invited to a last-minute baby shower over the holidays. With no time to shop, all I could do was give a gift certificate, and, since I didn't want to appear cheap, I spent more than I wanted. I can knit and crochet a bit. About 38 years ago, I crocheted an afghan. And I'm knitting a...
  14. Utilities
    I haven't had an electric blanket in yrs. I'm wondering if using one to warm things up a bit before bed when I turn my thermostat down would be a happy medium or if it would be a case where any energy saved by turning down the heat would be lost by a few minutes with the electric blanket.
  15. Needle Arts
1-15 of 15 Results