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    Lee Drummond, Pioneer Woman, is cooking on Fox News right now. I think some of you might follow her blog.
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    :confused:Well, today I took the plunge and started my first blogging attempt. My question is, how would I go about changing my background? It's just plain white, it was suppose to look like a binder. I'd like a little more color. Does anyone know how or if I can change it? Thanks!
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    When I set up my blog site, I had trouble with the password etc. so I think it was Sara that helped me. ANyway, she gave me a password that I was using but, because of "life" I hadn't been using it, but reading other blogs when I got a chance. Now that life is getting better, I wanted to share...
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    We have a wonderful blogging site Blogging is fun and you are in charge of your own blog. You can decide who reads your blog, from everyone, to members only, to friends only or just yourself. Sara has set it up so you can have more than one blog. You can allow...
  5. Education
    I love this site!
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    If you've joined and don't have an award in your award case here, please let me know. I tried to match up people here and there, but might have missed a couple.
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    I can't set up an account to blog...I'm not quite sure what I am doing wrong...can someone help me Please?...Thank you...Jayne
1-7 of 7 Results