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  1. Home Decorating
    If any of you hang around decor blogs and are seeing all the rage about ASCP but don't want to pay $FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS A QUART.....sorry......I just wanted to throw it out there I have been making my own for cheap. Just mix equal amounts of artist gesso with acrylic or flat paint. That is...
  2. Reported Post/Threads
    Hi, My name is Bobbie Bushman. Three months ago my family of four moved to a rural area, bought a house for cash and are now living off of one part-time income. I blog about our adventures in a blog called, "Budgeting with the Bushmans". (Because I am new here, it won't allow me to post a link...
  3. Home Decorating
    I love looking around online at all the decorating blogs. Love that one can lead to another and then another with so many wonderful decorating and craft ideas. I really enjoy them.
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    Handling pictures for blogs and forums and Email. Get a domain, internet host. I use Midphase for about 7.00 per month. Cheap Windows Hosting | Managed Windows Hosting | Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Buy Breezebrowser for handling your pictures on your computer. This creates the HTML pages and stores...
  5. General Chat
    what are everyone's favourite blogs? blogs of all kind: crafting, cooking, life, parenting, frugality, the environment, exercise, weight loss, EVERYTHING! i love finding new stuff to read and i am finding that blogs nowadays are the way to go.:pirate:
  6. Question and Answer
    do you read frugal blogs? I used to have alot of them saved under my favorites on my computer but it died and I can't seem to locate any of them. the ones that show weekly deals for different stores and stuff were great. If you have any favorites, please share.
  7. Meal planning
    I love food blogs because they help me find recipes I like, save them in my book marks and then when I go to make my meal plan I have a ton of choices... So, whats your favorite food blogs?? I love Pioneer Woman...have not found a blog like hers yet!!!
  8. Green Living
    Do you have a favourite green blog that you love to visit? I sure do! I have several that I frequent. They no only give great suggestions and lots to think about, as the lone green adult in my household, they supply me with tons of encouragement! I am always looking for more to add to my...
  9. General Chat
    I know I'm way behind, but I've recently discovered blogging. As in, I knew it existed, but didn't have any interest. I've found a couple I like & follow, & this year decided to start my own. I know I'm not the best writer, but it's been fun. So, do you blog? What about? And where can I find it? ;-)
  10. Health and beauty
    This site has some great recipes for those people with food allergies. There are also tons of links on her site to other food allergy blogs.
  11. Writing Forum
    Any aspiring writers out there? I've previously written and self-published two books, sold thousands through homeschool conventions and speaking engagements, and am feeling led to get back into writing again. If you'd like to bounce ideas off each other, share resources and ideas, join this...
  12. Sewing
    Need to signup, but it took all of 3 seconds. (enter a username, pw, and your email addy, and you're registered) :D
  13. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Has anyone had a blog through I started my blog in November and did actually pretty well I thought. i think the first month I had over 600 views. December was a little better. I didn't know it, but in January they decided that I don't get enough traffic and they would no longer pay...
  14. Kitchen Basics
    I came across this on another blog and thought it might be of interest to some. I haven't looked at any of the links yet so I have no idea if they are frugal or not.
  15. General Chat
    One of my goals is to keep a recipe blog. I want to share recipes that my family loves, and ones that I've come across, tried, and declared them successes. My question is.... when you read a blog like this, do you like just a picture of the finished product or a group of step-by-step...
  16. Green Living
    favourite green blogs anyone? Do you have a favourite green blog that you like to follow? I enjoy reading blogs, and I have been looking for a fun, informative, practical green living you have a favourite that you care to share? thanks!!
  17. Kitchen Basics
    Do you have any favorites?
  18. General Chat
    I don't want to be a bother but I went to update my blog and it says I have no blog entries. Hopefully this is temporary. Or, could be I just don't know what I am doing. LOL!
1-18 of 37 Results