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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    This is a long shot, since the areas where these grow are so limited and most people here seem to be much farther south, but has anyone ever developed a field of wild blueberries? My father and I are discussing bringing a field into production, but I'm not sure how much work is involved or if...
  2. Kitchen Basics
    Got Blueberry Dessert Recipe? I recently came across about 2 qts of (not frozen) blueberries. One can only make blueberry muffins or blueberry pancakes so often. I also have some dry, flaked coconut. Does anyone know of any creative dessert recipe suggestions? with - OR without - the coconut...
  3. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    I was reading that if you roll them in cornstarch then freeze they won't stick together.
  4. Misc. desserts
    Blueberry Rhubarb Crunch Recipe DescriptionA versatile dish that can use many kinds of fruit. Preparation Steps:Any fruit can be used. The amount of fruit is an approximation. Add sugar to taste depending on the tartness of your rhubarb and blueberries. Level of...
  5. Cakes
    Blueberry Cobbler Cake Recipe DescriptionEasy blueberry cake all will enjoy! Preparation Steps:Grease 8-inch square pan. Heat oven to 375 degree's. Level of Difficulty:Easy Time Needed:Less than 30 minutes. Ingredients:2 cups fresh blueberries Juice of 1/2...
  6. Breads and muffins
    Blueberry Orange Bread Recipe DescriptionI love the combination of blueberries and orange. I used frozen berries that I had frozen over the summer when I got a great deal on them. I use the zest of a whole orange and I add about 1 cup of blueberries instead of what the recipe calls...
  7. Homesteading and gardening
    We want to put in blueberries this year. I have heard that you need to plant at least 2 different kinds. Is this true and if so why? i am just trying to figure out exactly what to get. Thanks!
  8. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    Can I do this? If so how long does it take? These blueberries are medium - large and a few jumbo sized ones. TIA
  9. Kitchen Basics
    In the Midwest, they were cheap. Here, in summertime, blueberries are $2.50/pint. :( Occasionally, they go on sale for $2/pint.
  10. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    I was looking for blueberry recipies and came across this one for easy to make blueberry jam. 1 pint blueberries, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1 tbls. lemon juice. Microwave for 5 minutes stir and cool. The jam will thicken as it cools. That's it! How easy can it get.
  11. Family
    i made the kids and i homemade blueberry milkshakes today and morgan ate a LOT of mine.;)  needless to say....HE LOVED IT.:toothy: :toothy:
  12. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    what do you do with what you freeze/can? I'd love to pick some, but am not sure I could use enough of them. My inlaws went picking and gave us tons one year and I couldn't come up with enough things to make with them. I do like pancakes, muffins, and blueberry buckle type things.
  13. Homesteading and gardening
    Hubby just bought me two Blueberry plants! (I don't know how to care for them.) But am going to put them in the ground this weekend (if not raining) Anyone know how to care for them?
1-13 of 13 Results