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  1. Quilting
  2. Quilting
    Take a look at this pieced and applique book by Beth Ferrier from Applewood Farm Publications
  3. Quilting
    This block is called "oops". See the ice at the bottom. I had so much fun making this one.
  4. Quilting
    This is block #2. There are a couple color changes (mistakes actually), however I'm okay with how it turned out.
  5. Quilting
    Here is the first block of the Hot chocolate club BOM I'm doing. I will be starting the second block this week. The the next blocks do not come until the first of each month.
  6. Quilting
    This looks like a fun BOM for anyone interested in doing a BOM of the 50 states.
  7. Quilting
    Katybird, if your reading this I remember you saying you were going to do it the BOM for 2004. Are you? I was wondering if your doing it, if your having trouble with the colors? I finished the 2nd block today, but I'm having trouble with the colors because of how they've got the pictures...
  8. Quilting
    Nice one!!
  9. Quilting
    Quilters - if you want a BOM for 2004 - here you go I'm starting this on January 15th and will keep doing it through 2004. Its stunning!!
1-9 of 9 Results