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  1. General Chat
    Ok just wanted to say I went to the library today to pick up books that I got through inteer library loan. Then got two movies for me (and one was kept in a room not open to the public so I felt exclusive when the aide went and got it for me :) ) Plus walked away with two movies for the kiddos...
  2. General Chat
    There is cool people in the world and then there is just cool people in the world of FV. Hope you don't mind for me to throw you out there in the wind of the WWW. :D From the goodness of her heart she has sent me pm's about what's on-sale here in our local grocery store since we live in the...
  3. Kitchen Basics
    and no one wants to eat it, do you keep the leftovers and make your family suffer through it again, all for the sake of frugality or do you toss it in the trash, because you know that otherwise the leftovers would sit it the back of the fridge growing a science experiment on it. I'm a guilty...
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
  5. General Chat
    It saddens me to tell you that another attack has taken place in Jakata, the capital of Indonesia.  It was on the Australian Embassy.  Nine people are dead and nearly 200 injured.  The terrorists have just released a web page report that says it attacked Australia (again, they killed nearly 200...
1-5 of 5 Results