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  1. Third Agers
    It is a commercial website, but they have a page for humor that I thought was pretty good.
  2. General Chat
    Guess I'm a baby boomer and this little clip could be kinda true....,0,1036393.blurb
  3. News you can use
    Will youngest boomers go broke? They're raiding 401(k)s, falling behind on monthly payments and even going without medical care in efforts to keep afloat financially, the AARP warns.
  4. News you can use
    Quiz: Are Baby Boomers market busters? If you haven't heard, and somehow we suspect you have, the first batch of baby boomers hits Social Security age in 2008. So what happens as this giant generation - 78 million strong - quits and starts selling assets they've saved for retirement?
  5. News you can use
    What's next for boomers The baby boomers might not be the greatest generation, but you can make a strong case that they're the luckiest. Just ask Greg and Janet Ashe. When they graduated from college in the late 1970s, Communism (remember that?) was still a functioning economic system, and...
  6. News you can use
    Boomers: How to age gracefully Everybody knows about the sandwich generation. That's us. We have kids in college and aging parents who may need financial help. We - the boomers - are smashed in between, trying to pay for it all and save a little something for our retirement too. No surprise -...
  7. Find Your Kith
    Hi. I am new here and just curious. I am 60 myself and wonder if there are many people on the forums who are forty or older.
  8. Third Agers
1-8 of 9 Results