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  1. Secondhand Shopping
    Little Miss is going to horse camp ( grandma is chipping in to help pay Yeah!) So she needed boots and had a dream pair in mind. I gave a lecture about how fantasies and reality don't often met, espcieally where a budget is required. Sometimes you have to settle for things that works...
  2. Military Families
    With all of hubby's military and police gear, I am feeling as if we are being pushed out of our house! Hubby is NG and while they provided a storage locker in his armory, he doesn't feel comfortable leaving the items that he has signed for in his locker since it's a shared armory. In the...
  3. Just Tips
    I see everyone wearing Ugg winter boots in Boston. I was told they are very warm. These boots are pricey-are people paying for the name or are they really the best? If not, what other brands are comparable to the quality of these boots? Thanks, Karen
  4. General Chat
    Purging wardrobe - no longer holding on to items from years ago! Who really wants old ratty leftovers? Haha, my old boots got flung into the garbage bag with disgust I was sick of those old ankle breakers. The only exception to the throw it out...
  5. Homesteading and gardening
    Has anyone read this book? It sounds like it has some neat ideas.
  6. General Chat
    I was at TJ Maxx this morning and I found a great deal on winter suede boots...too cute for Anyway they have a few blue pen marks on them. And I was wondering if anyone knew what I can use to remove them without damaging the suede? Or at least make the marks less noticeable.
  7. General Chat
    I got some good deals at Boots this week all their christmas gifts were down to 75% off also I went to Marks and Spencer and bought my Gran a bed jacket,another bed jacket and a jumper (taking to old folks home) all for £3.Anybody else got any good sale bargins this week.Forgot to mention the...
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    I went tot he free store this morning because my 12 year old shoes are so old and messed up. I was looking and found here a good pair of used running shose. Then i looked up and seen a pair of snow boots. the still had the tag on them. I was so happy lol. I am giving them to her for...
  9. For Sale or Trade
    These are black suede like with Hello Kitty and flower that light up. Toddler size 8 - great condition. Asking $5 which includes shipping. PM if interested.
  10. For Sale or Trade
    Asking $2 plus shipping. These are black and fur lined. Zips in front, nice textured anti-slip sole. Very good condition. Only worn a handful of times. Pay Pal, money order, or check (I will wait until the check clears to ship if we have not traded in the past.) I'm happy to provide a...
  11. For Sale or Trade
    i have a nice pair of kids size 2 winter boots they velcro at the top, no signs of wear. let me know if you are interested
  12. Support
    My niece sent me this.........:D NEW COWBOY BOOTS An elderly couple, Ray and Bessie, are "snowbirds" in Texas. Ray always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots. Seeing some on sale one day, he buys them and wears them home, walking proudly. He walks into the house and says to his wife...
  13. For Sale or Trade
    Hi, Anyone happen to have size 12 or 14 ski pants or size 3 winter boots for a boy? I have lots of books and board games I could trade .. possibly other stuff too if you tell me what you need. Thanks, Rose
  14. Family
    All dressed up and no place to go.
1-14 of 15 Results