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  1. Pests
    The flying ants here had a nice Borax :pblow: this evening. It's about time. We started discovering them last year right around the time that the weather was turning colder. We didn't have too big of an issue with them then and we took to vacuuming them up. The problem seemed to go away...
  2. Laundry
    You can call Dial's home office @ 1-888-468-6673 every 4 months and request coupons for these two products.
  3. General Chat
    25 Household Uses For Borax - DIY Life This is definitely an article worth reading. Hubby just found it on internet. He found it impressive and he isn't into any that stuff.
  4. Laundry
    has anyone measured to see how many cups of Borax are in the 76 oz. box and how many are in the 55 oz. box of washing soda? I could do it, but if someone has adready done it? Trying to figure my price per load of dry detergent. Thanks,
  5. Question and Answer
    I've never bought it before... what do you normally pay for it. I know they have it at the commissary but I don't remember how much they charge. They have it on sale at Kmart 4/$10, is this a good price? I don't remember the size... that might be useful information. :p
  6. Just Tips
    I'm sure there are a lot of uses for Borax and I have a big box of it at home that I bought for some reason.... :) Any ideas of ways to use this? Thanks!!
  7. Christmas
    Someone on another site posted these links. I want to make some of these. I think they're beautiful.
  8. Green Living
    Is Borax considered environmentally friendly?? What about washing soda? tia :smball:
  9. Just Tips
    Okay, so I have a whole box of borax, I'm not sure what to do with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA:)
1-9 of 9 Results