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  1. General Chat
    Enter our latest contest sponsored by Kraft Foods, Inc. KRAFT SANDWICH SHOP Mayo allows you to create the sandwich shop experience in your kitchen—giving you a deli-quality sandwich without the price. An added bonus, three of the four flavors are reduced fat! To enter click: Kraft Sandwich...
  2. Christmas
    I have a lot of them, about 4 cases worth, not the old full size ones, but the newer ones bout half that size with no caps.. Has anyone made any type of gifts out of these??? If so, would love the ideas you had or have.. Thanx!!
  3. Just Tips
    well my latest project is saving the large soda bottles. we drink a lot of diet soda so im saving them and after i wash them out with hot soapy water i fill them with water and i put a drop of bleach in each one and store the water in my basement for emergency's like when the water service gets...
  4. Just Tips
    I have a few empty wine bottles of different sizes and colors. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what I could do with them? I've read alot online about cuting them to make certain things but I haven't got the tools or talent to cut them. Does anyone out there keep wine bottles and then...
  5. Frugal Living
    Hi, hoping to hear from perfume lovers and those who have sold perfumes on craigslist or similar. Am trying to kick debt to the curb and have been selling stuff on craigslist to help. Would appreciate hearing about your pricing and how you let people test the scents, etc. I was thinking a...
  6. Just Tips
    i don't know if this helps anyone.....but yesterday i was making homemade baked beans. i had a mustard jar that was about empty that i had saved in the refrigerator. so i just added water into it to get the remaining mustard out and added to my baked beans. also when i have a ketchup bottle...
  7. Just Tips
    Long story short, I've had to take antibiotics 3 times in the past two months, so I have a few empty prescription bottles. Would these be good for keeping spices in? I have some spices that I bought in bulk, so I took them home in small baggies. It's kind of hard to get the spices out of the...
  8. General Chat
    Anyone else a fan? I have just made two to take to bed (I get cold at night!). Had guests for about a week and a half this month and had to have heater on almost non stop so am worried my heating bill is going to be high since I generally only have it on for about two hours a day then turn if...
  9. Just Tips
    i always keep one empty or almost empty to put all my samples in. i jsut open samples and put in bottle. that way i don't have a bunch of samples sitting around. i jsut mix them all up together!
  10. For Sale or Trade
    Does anyone have any 8 oz narrow mouth Dr. Brown baby bottles for sale? Or Avent 9 oz or 4 oz? I have new nipples just would like the bottles if anyone has them. Thank you!
  11. Just Tips
    Around here we get quite the quantity of pill bottles of various sizes due to the number of scripts my hubby & son have. I hate throwing these bottles in the trash and have already used as many as I can for the obvious storage purposes. Does anybody know of any place that accepts donations of...
  12. Just Tips
    I reuse smaller soda or gatorade plastic bottles when my sons go bike riding or fishing. They fill empty bottles with kool aid or water. They can easily carry the bottles in their back packs.
  13. General Chat
    We re-use them like crazy here. A 12 pack of bottled water from the store lasts us about 2 months because we wash and refill them and put them back in the fridge. It is much better for the environment too. I have not yet found a non-disposable water bottle that doesn't leak, my kids were...
  14. Freebies
  15. Freebies
    Found this on another freebie website: If you go to and go to contact and send them an email asking for samples or coupons they will send you 2 coupons for 2 free products.
  16. Family
    and baby food :) Paige hasn't had a bottle in almost a week. It really wasn't a hard switch with her as we had already been giving her sippy cups with juice and water for a few months now, and as for bottles we were down to just 2 a day.....first thing in the morning and last one at night. I...
  17. Green Living
  18. Discount Stores
    For anyone coping with lower temps to save energy, get an old fashioned rubber hot water bottle for everyone in the family. If you want, you can make a little terry cloth pillowslip for it, it holds the heat, and keeps you from feeling burnt when the water inside is a bit too hot. fold over a...
  19. Leisure & Media Arts
1-20 of 28 Results