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    I recently opened my Etsy shop. I make 100% handmade jewelry. Bracelets, anklets, necklaces and some other items such as beaded bookmarks.
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    Thank You Memento - Bracelet |
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    Seventeen Reader Exclusive makemechic blog Thank you for signing-up. You will receive a confirmation email shortly. another Christmas present.....
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    Clarins will send you a heart bracelet to thank you for your visit, when you add or update your personal profile. codes: C00000777085 C00000777087 C00000777089
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    Free Friendship Bracelet from Chickdowntown Free Friendship Bracelet from Chickdowntown Scroll to the bottom of and fill out the form next to: BE OUR FRIEND Sign up for our E-mail list or add us on Facebook or twitter and receive a free friendship bracelet from us...
  7. Freebies Fun & Funky Beaded bracelet Beaded beads - black with red and turquoise beads - adorn this fun bracelet. Red faceted glass accents. Stelring lobster clasp. Approx. 8" Regular price: $28.00 Sale price: $9.99 (You Save: 64%)
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    Free Take the Test campaign bracelet - Take the Test, Not the Risk. The Take the Test campaign seeks to empower women to protect their health by choosing to know whether they have a high-risk type of HPV – the primary cause of cervical cancer. By getting an HPV test along with a Pap, women age...
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    A lovely idea......:pony: To send a Sisterhood bracelet to a friend, just fill in the windows below. A bracelet will be mailed out to your friend within a few days. The bracelet will arrive in a lovely presentation box. If you like, you can send your friend an email to let her know that a...
  10. For Sale or Trade
    Silver bracelet Posted by: MessyKat Description: Beautiful 8" bracelet Price: 15.00
  11. Freebies Quietly show you have been touched by breast cancer by wearing a pink ribbon pin or pink awareness bracelet. This small gesture often invites others that may be in need to talk or it silently lets them know they are not...
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    This bracelet is send to you for free. You receive the bracelet as soon as possible after you told me you want one. The only thing you have to do for this is signup for the newsletter and send me an email ([email protected]). In this email tell me: Your name Your address Why you want to live a...
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    Most people go through life in a semi or even non conscious manner. They are guided by circumstances and don’t take action to control their life. Receive a free gift In the SumMap MindSet I explain exactly what you can do about this and regain control over your life. The book helps you to...
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    Fill out the form below and we will make a sample bracelet with your name and colors
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    :yippee: not sure if this is the proper thread...I cleaned out DD old bedroom to clear out clutter, and found a nice bracelet....(she never missed it and she had a lot of stuff!) Wide silver, ornate, cuff style , with some stones glued onto it. One greenish stone was missing. It is not an...
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    Not sure if this has been listed or not but it looks like a great deal. Free sterling silver birthstone bracelet.[/url]
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    Not sure if this is been posted already... For each kit (you'll receive 2 kits) ordered Merck will donate funds to cancer research and cervical cancer screening. Totally free...
1-18 of 32 Results