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    I have 4 sets of 10 stretchy dolphin bracelets for sale. Each set is $4.00 (which includes shipping). I have picture of bracelets but can't upload them at this time~ I will e-mail pic if interested. I accept money orders only. These make great party favors. If anyone is interested please PM...
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  3. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I have decided to start selling mother's bracelets again to make some extra money for this holiday season. Any tips on where I should market them?
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  5. General Chat
    Like the Lance Armstrong "LiveStrong" one? If so what color and what do they stand for?? I wear Lance Armstrong Yellow and Green for Chilhood Cancer Research. It says "Reach The Day" meaning the day a cure is reached.
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    Hi! You can check out my website at Butterfly Hollow Designs I am offering 20% off each bracelet along with a shipping special of only .50 cents. Please feel free to take a look and know that each bracelet is a custom design that you pick. Tangee
  9. Hobbies You will need: Colored rubber bands at least 1/4" thick Gel Xtreme Pastel and metallic pens Decorative hair snaps Small 1/8" hole punch Instructions: Decorate the rubber bands with the gel pens. Make different patterns or write your name on...
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    Yesterday I made this for Ayla...And I had her 'help' me by giving me cheerios... lol of course she 'helped' me by taking the bracelet apart a few times before I could finish :D All in all this was a fun little thing to do with her...And she ate the first two bites with the bracelet still...
1-11 of 11 Results