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  1. General Chat
    You met Paula Deen??!!! OMG!!! I love her!!! Ya'll!!! :crackup:
  2. Kitchen Basics
    She just sent me a box full of cookbooks, spices, table linnins and cookie cutters! Thanks!!! You are so nice!
  3. Kitchen Basics
    I needed hotdog suggestions and she sent a cookbook of all hotdog recipes! Thanks so much! You are a sweetie!
  4. General Chat
    Are you getting the rain that I sent on down to you? If you need more, just ask!
  5. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Have a wonderful wonderful birthday Laurie!
  6. General Chat
    :weeping: I can't send you a PM - your mailbox is full ! :weeping: ((I need your address!)) :chef:
  7. Secondhand Shopping
    I was thinking about your secondary job, where you guys clean out estates for people. I'm wondering if you'd share your best freebies from that source..? Sounds very interesting and I'm sure you get some good stuff sometimes.
  8. Vacations and Travel
    I am seriously thinking about telling DH we are just going to go to Bradenton to see his grandparents whether we can afford it or not. If we do go, it will probably be mid September or October. We don't want to travel too far to go anywhere super-special, but do you have any suggestions for...
  9. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy Birthday Laurie! I hope your day has been wonderful and the coming year is full of happiness and blessing for you. :pblow: :cake: :band: :dancing:
1-9 of 9 Results