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  1. Family
    I have a cousin of mine that is like my best friend and/or like my closest sister. We also work at the same place. We talk everyday. She has been divorced for 8 years and has been in and out of relationships. Well, she has recently started dating a wealthy man. She isn't impressed (so I think)...
  2. General Chat
    Hubby works for the hospital doing A/C . On occasion he gets asked to do side jobs for co workers. Word got around and now friends of friends are calling him. Some lady asked him to redo all her duck work and he told her 45 an hour. She took a few days to shop around and called him back after...
  3. Home Environment
    Sorry, but I have to brag because I have been trying to motivate myself to declutter and clean out my dresser and closet for about a month, and today I did it!:grwave: Two big bags to go to donation (in my building, if you leave something on the table in the laundry room, it is understood that...
  4. Success Stories
    Yay! it is pay day tomorrow, and I have $100 in my ef, and all the bills are paid, and I am on budget to make an extra "snowball payment" to Visa tomorrow!!! Janet (taking it a paycheque at a time)
  5. Family
    ...Kathryn was chosen as student of the month at school. I'm so proud of her :mdance:
  6. Family
    Today was the last day of school and I attended my son's 5th grade award ceremony. He received awards for Citizenship, A/B Honor Roll for the year, A Honor Roll for the past 9 weeks, the Principal's Award which is only awarded at the end of the year to one kid in each class and the President's...
  7. Question and Answer
    Is it worth the gas to save some money on items you know you can get a good deal on or need to stockup on? I was talking to Dh this morning about my deals I got on canned goods last night and also telling him that starting tomorrow at Price Chopper they have Ragu Sauce on sale for.99 a...
  8. Education
    an engraved Medal for his musical composition at the Langley Music Festival! His piece was for two cellos and was called "working in the dark". He is 11 yr. old and has really taken off with his music writing. It has been a great year for him!
  9. Military Families
    Doug got promoted to PFC (private first class!) And so far he's 1st in his class- if he continues this way for the next few weeks, he'll get another promotion.
  10. Family
    Kathryn made the all-A's honor roll! She also received an award for outstanding reading ability. She also took "most friendly" and "most caring" in the superlatives. I am so proud I could burst! :yippee:
  11. Family
    two weeks ago Erick had his testing to see where we are at in the homeschooling program. His math was excellent and his phonics was great too, for what they wanted. (Can he recognise letters? Does he know the sounds they make?) They gave him another class (Technology) and said his deductive...
1-11 of 11 Results