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  1. Baking Breads
    I have a Panasonic SD YD250 and I can't find the instructions. I would like to find out the order that the ingredients need to go in. I am making pizza dough. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. Appliances
    DH found a GREAT Black Friday deal on the internet last week...he was able to get a Sunbeam Breadmaker Model 5891 (retail price of $86) for only $15, so it was a steal! I just need to get some bread machine flour and yeast from the grocery store in the morning, and I'll be on my way to making...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    i tried doing a search and it doesnt bring anything particular up... it is cooler here and dh wanted a loaf of bread last night and well ah he has gone out on a picking job(pick through peoples junk and see if he can find anything worth anything). He took the cash and the check...
  4. General Chat
    I was wondering how many of you use a breadmaker? Or do you make it the old fashion way. My daddy is now 86 and uses a bread machine 3 times a week. He use to make it himself, but he now has arthritis in his hands. I would like to get one myself. But not sure on a brand .
  5. Baking Breads
    Low on cash this week .. have breadmaker . going to put it to use. Bread goes bad because we dont use it fast enough and its humid. If I make bread and freeze it - should I slice it before freezing?
  6. Baking Breads
    I finally got a (used) Welbilt Breadmaker... What's your favorite breadmaker recipes???
  7. Baking Breads
    Well, I've tried two loafs in it and neither have risen to the top of the breadpan. I tried the yeast and it's fine. I followed the recipe (from the book) to a "t". I don't have a clue what's not working. If you have this same breadmaker, what recipe do you use? I've seen several recipes but...
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    8 bucks at thrift store. Ifit does'nt work I can take it back! It works so far I just need to get some yeast to try the whole cycle! I also found TONS of books for homeschool! and a cute skirt... total $20.50!!!
  9. Kitchen Basics
    :mdance: Hi I need breadmaker recipes,ones that you have tried and were great Thank you Michelle
  10. Baking Breads
    I have been using my bread maker alot lately, which my husband and I really enjoy. However, despite trying different recipes, I notice the bread is quite a bit heavier than other breads. I have also noticed that it goes harder much quicker- therefore, I don't think I am going to save much money...
  11. Supplemental Income, Small Business the frugal village auctions!
  12. Kitchen Basics
    I finally found a reasonably priced breadmaker at a yard sale. I bought a Hitachi Autohome bakeryII HB-B102. Problem is, no paperwork-directions, recipes etc. I have tracked down a few recipes on line, but Hitachi wants another $10 plus postage for the directions and such, which kinda defeats...
1-12 of 12 Results