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  1. Pets
    Has anyone tried giving their pets this? Our neighbor was raving that she hasn't seen any ticks on her dog since she's been giving her brewers yeast & garlic. Looking online gives you a mixed bag of answers so I'd like to hear from other people I "know" what they've experienced. That's you, lol...
  2. Make It Yourself
    Just curious if there are any home brewers around here! We like to drink a good beer at night, when everything is done and kids are in bed. I've been brewing for a year now. It is frugal to brew it yourself if you're going to buy and drink it anyway!
  3. Make It Yourself
    Myself and my friends brew just about everything. I'm a cider, wine and spirits man. Other friends handle the beer, which I don't drink so I never brew. It is very east to brew and costs a lot less than what is for sale.
1-3 of 3 Results