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  1. General Chat
    It's -6 degrees here right now, and I have to head out in it to go to work! I can't believe it's this cold already and it's only December!!! Ughh...Happy Friday everyone! Let's pray that I don't freeze to death on the way to work!
  2. General Chat
    Sending a big, warm hug to all those out in Sask. today. I just heard on the weather report that you are at a freezing -26. I think thats nearly -`15 on the old F scale. Staywarm :bigsnow:
  3. Careers
    This morning I had a not so lovely surprize at work. Our furnace was broken and our office had no heat. Man it's cold in here. My litte fingers are frozen. Luckily the repair man got here quickly and said he will have us fixed real soon. Nothing like an office in an old house (with not much...
  4. General Chat
    According to the local tv station's website, it is currently 5 degrees F, with windchill it feels like -4! I know it was cold when I put the kiddos to bed because their rooms get the coolest, but I was shocked to find out how cold it really is! No wonder the furnace keeps kicking on! I put dd...
1-4 of 4 Results