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  1. Christmas
    I have a great Christmas album with the White Stripes, Ramones, Green Day, Pistols, No Doubt - Bruce came home while I was playing it today and he said "NO WAY - NOT IN THIS HOUSE!!" what a poop!! I listen to all of his Merle and Johnny Horton!!
  2. Secondhand Shopping
    Lookee what I found!! I was driving by a Junk yard and I saw an OOOLLLDDDD Anglia on top of a pile  (it's an old English "pig" looking car from the 50's ( I am thinking about getting it for Damon - course it will have to be painted pink!) anyway - there in a pile of rubbish was this and the...
  3. Family
    Poor Bruce - His mom just informed us this morning that he is going to be a grandpa again - Now normally this would be a good thing - However, Bruce and his Ex had two babies at eighteen before they were married ( amarriage that lasted two years total. Neither Bruce nor his wife finished high...
  4. Secondhand Shopping
    This desk belonged to Bruce's grandfather - get aload of the great chair. I found the top hutch thing in someones left for the garbage pile - It was black but the rounded alcoves matched Bruces desk - so I stripped it and tried to stain it to match his desk. The old clock winds with a key and...
  5. Family
    Hot or Not I think sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I liked him better with hair. :)
1-5 of 5 Results