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  1. General Chat
    (ala Friends, Romans, Countrymen...lend me your ears) ...clean out your pm boxes... :fyi: just a friendly reminder. :D
  2. Christmas
    I wish you all could feel the joy and happiness that I feel regardless of all of the :poop: and ickiness that goes on all around us!! I love Christmas - I love what it represents - I am not even Christian but the reason for the season and the message it sends - The Harmony that is inherent in...
  3. Sewing
    At least I always have tons of input on my sewing projects...
  4. Clay Pot Crafts
    Saw this looking for baby tips and freebies and thought it was to cute not to share: :D Flutter Buddies
  5. Quilting
    Where were you? I made a fast trip back to the quilting store and oh my she had 150 bolts of new fabric out, all at $9.95 per metre (normally its sells here from $14.95 - 19.95). Because I have no resistance and not one of my quilting buddies told me to stop, I purchased 14 metres...
  6. Goals and Dreams
    I've posted this here because so many of us have weight loss as one of our main goals. Let's talk buddies first You know the weight loss buddy is an excellant idea. I have a weight loss buddy. We e-mail each other almost everyday. We encourage each other, pat each other on the back...
  7. General Chat
    Don't buy here - Call me and between me and Debbie we will make you some to order LOL BTW it's not my auction Honest! (I wish it was LOL)
  8. Hobbies
    You could make these out of soap scraps!
1-8 of 11 Results