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  1. Coupons
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i'm wondering if any one wants to swap..i dont use many many coupons that others might find handy and i do use some that others wouldnt i never use any makeup ones.or formula...frozen meals, fixadent, etc , ...
  2. Health and beauty
    So I stepped on the scale for the first time since last fall. Ooops! I thought my jeans were getting tight, but no I never gain weight. Guess again. I'm looking for a good, sensible, at-home weight loss program. No special meals, no meetings, no supplements. I normally eat right, veggies...
  3. General Chat
    This was so great!!! DanaB and I have corresponded on FV regarding homeschooling. Turns out she just moved about 10 miles from me, has kids the same ages, and last night she came to our HS Moms' meeting!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???!!! Any of you met a FV friend in person?
  4. Freebies
  5. Coupons
    I clip ALL the coupons I come across. (Probably because of some OCD related issue! :-) I'm looking for a coupon buddy who has the opposite needs as mine. I have no small children but one DD in college. I was thinking I might find someone who has small children/baby and would like those...
  6. Pets
    Do male parakeets get along? Would they be buddies? I have a male and female parakeet. However, the female seems to hate the male, so we have them in separate cages. I know he is lonely because he stares in the mirror all day long. I am thinking about getting him a buddy, what do you think...
  7. Freebies
    Buddy's Coloring Book and Contest -Available February 2nd while supplies last A limited supply of free Buddy the Bridge Builder coloring books are now available at the Bridge Information & Welcome Center, the Batavia Public Library (February only), Harris, N.A. (February only at Randall Rd and...
  8. Freebies
    Scroll down towards the bottom for the coloring book. You can order several! International Shipments Also! simple form! This 14-page coloring book is part of the NICHD Milk Matters campaign, designed to teach...
  9. Pets
    Today we were given a rabbit. We named him Commander BunBun. He's all black with "standy uppy" ears as my dd describes. He has a white nose. I'll get a pic in the next few days. He was gotten as an Easter present and the kids grew bored of him, but our family is thrilled to take him into our...
  10. Freebies
  11. Home Environment
    i just found out that my sister nad her family will be here the 26th of this month. now my sister and i are real close and she knows i am not much of a neat freak, however she has no idea how bad my house looks right now. so for the next couple of weeks i need you guys to stay on my fanny and...
  12. Freebies
  13. General Chat
    I saw your avitar today and had an urge to draw you. I would appreciate it if you would email me w/ your snail mail...that's if you would like it? My way of saying thank you for being my friend... :toothy:
  14. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
  15. Health and beauty
    I could really use a weight loss buddy. I started dieting and excercising again this sunday. I am looking to lose 20 - 25 pounds. I am currently doing the slim in 6 DVD series and eatting really healthy. If anyone is interested on taking this journey with me, please let me know!
  16. Health and beauty
    How's everyone doing this week? I walked for 30 minutes tonight on the treadmill. I feel good and energized, plus I walked off some stress!
  17. Health and beauty
    I went to a yoga class tonite--it was awesome! My bag is in the car with my workout clothes for tomorrow--I am stopping at the gym after work. How's everyone else doing????
  18. Health and beauty
    Would anyone be interested in having a buddy to help motivate you during your LFL goals? Whether its someone to cheer you on, give you a kick in the butt or say that's ok, when you go off track and give into that piece of chocolate peanut butter pie! Let me know what your looking for in a...
  19. Health and beauty
    I keep saying I'm gong to start exercising and get into better shape, but that's as far as I get. I do good for a little while, then I fall off the wagon and have a very hard time getting back up. I shouldn't have any excuses, I basically have a gym in my basement--which is all clean and...
  20. Kitchen Basics Have you guys seen this? If you use AIM (AOL's instant messenger program) you can add "recipebuddie" to your friends list, and then if you're hunting for a specific recipe you just start an IM to request a recipe. I just downloaded it-- it seems...
1-20 of 24 Results