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  1. Freebies
    Click the sample link on the left side of the main page Bull’s-Eye You’re getting free** samples of BULL'S-EYE B·B·Q Sauce.
  2. Pets
    We just got to new pit bull puppies in our home. One is a girl & the other a boy. Autunm & Bear. When I get some pictures I will put them up for all to see. Anyone else out there have any pit bull terriers? They ar only 11 weeks old. I also join the animal rescue to help out with the animals.:paw:
  3. General Chat
    This story was in our news this morning. I warn you ahead of time, it is very sad and will make you angry. These people should be...well, I can type what I think here!! #1- you don't leave a 5 month old and a pit bull in the same room...
  4. Pets
    Here is my Staffie - Piper. I got Piper when she was only 3 weeks old (if that?) She was so tiny her little claws were like needles and she stuck to our carpet lol. She only JUST had her eyes open and could hardly walk at all! :eek: My vet said she had little to no chance of living. I sat...
1-4 of 5 Results