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  1. General Chat
    Hi everyone... Just thought I would share my saturday night with you. Last night, I decided that I would go through my medicine cabinet to see what was hiding in there. So, I grabbed a cardboard box, emptied the whole cabinet into box, and went to the living room to watch t.v. while I sorted...
  2. Home Environment
    Ugh... It started out so simple this morning. All I was going to do was rearrange a few small items in the cabinet. Three hours later my cabinet is totally cleaned. I pulled out so much stuff to donate to our domestic violence thrift shop. I can't figure out why I had six champagne glasses and...
  3. Home Environment
    I bought me an early Christmas present: a 16-jar spice rack with spices included. It was about $20 and was one of three that they were offering at the store. One they had for putting inside a drawer but all of my drawers are filled. They had one that was $26 but it was magnetic and not right for...
  4. Home and family challenges
    It's time to go through your medicine cabinet and clean it out. Get rid of expired prescription meds and expired OTC meds. Look at your beauty long have they been hanging out in there? Can you organize the cabinet somehow? Put meds to one side, beauty products to another, etc...
  5. General Chat
    when we moved in i really wanted the country look, so we took down the cabinet doors and put in a chicken wire like front. well they are really hard to clean. in the past i have had to unstaple the wire to get them in the tub and scrubbed. it seemed like all the hair and grease just...
  6. Health Articles
    Safer, less expensive, and easy-to-use natural skin care can be as easy as opening your kitchen cabinet, coupled with a few minutes of preparation. Healthy, radiant, glowing skin is something every person wants. Yet, few of us even think to use what's really the best for out skin: natural...
  7. Home Environment
  8. Home Decorating
    I am thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets to freshen up the room. They are wood laminate - do I have to sand before I paint? What if I pickle them or wash over them?
  9. Health and beauty
    With the cold and flu season coming upon us, I was wondering what you all have stocked up on to help prevent and/or to get you through this nasty time of the year? Here is my list: Tylenol Natural Allergy meds Vitamins C, E and B Calcium Cranberry extract Multi-vitamins Echinachea Goldenseal...
  10. Home Environment
    5 Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips By Fisher Swanson Here are five tips to help bring sanity to your kitchen cabinets. Clean Your Cabinets One great way to keep your kitchen cabinets organized is to clean them out every couple of months. That allows you to keep stock of what's in them and get...
  11. Home and Family
    Here are five tips to help bring sanity to your kitchen cabinets. Clean Your Cabinets One great way to keep your kitchen cabinets organized is to clean them out every couple of months. That allows you to keep stock of what's in them and get rid of anything that is past its prime or has damaged...
  12. Home and family challenges
    Okay, today we are cleaning china cabinet, hoosier, hutch, buffet, all those places we store extra or good dishes etc. It's hard for me to tell you to toss any of this, so, instead, I going to advocate that you pull it all out, clean out the inside of the furniture, wash all of the dishes, look...
  13. Hobbies
    I just found this craft cabinet at Target the other day, and now I really want it-- it's perfect for scrapbooking supplies.  The photo: doesn't show much.  Inside it's got hooks on the door for hanging scissors & other...
  14. DIY I want one of these! :D
  15. Home Decorating
    These are the cabinets above my dishwasher.
  16. Home Decorating
    this will be on all the cabinet doors, it will fit 2xs per door and looks good that way. This sample isnt very good, a cat was tryign to help me! I think you all can envision the idea though!
  17. Home Environment
    Throw out expired prescription medicines and any nonprescription medicines more than two years old. They undergo changes in chemical makeup over time, causing them to lose their potency. Antibiotics should be thrown out regardless of expiration date. They work only when taken for the...
  18. Home Environment
    For those of you who like to vacation at the beach or in the sun, just this one little decluttering suggestion could add a few extra inches of space to your medicine cabinet or linen closet. I'm about to do it, and I realize it will take three bottles out of mine! Throw out sunscreen that's...
  19. Home Environment
    Right now I have: - deodarant - toothbrushes - comb - mirror - scissors How about you?
  20. Health and beauty
    do you have expired medicine in there. I am sure i do. i try to clean it out every 6 months or so. there is probably some old make up and old toothbrushes. All kinds of old stuff. Notice everything is old. i don't go in there very often.
1-20 of 21 Results