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  1. General Chat
    I have Merrilat oak cabinets, over the years the grease still builds up, I wash them regularly, but I am not satisfied with the results, does anyone have any ideas on what to use on the cabinets to get the buildup removed without harming the wood?
  2. Frugal Living
    I have 3 cabinets that go to the ceilings, i put stuff in them and forgot that i had them,eek.I have to get a ladder to get to them. I cleaned and redid them today and put all my xmas bowls,plates ect up there. I had flour and sugar up there, i saved the sugar, but the flour can get buggy so i...
  3. Secondhand Shopping
    We are going to be re-modeling (on the CHEAP) soon and all the family knows it. DH's sis just bought their house (they were renting it) and is starting to clean out all kinds of things. Anyway, she called and said she have tons of things that could be used by us if we wanted them. We have 4...
  4. Home Environment
    Before we built our house, we had a little starter home, very basic. The kitchen had a sink base with about 2 foot of cabinet space on either side. The base included a silverware drawer, and doors that opened to reveal one shelf. The top cabinets had 2 shelves behind the doors. That was it...
  5. Home Environment
    Well I finally did it! I took everything out of my kitchen cabinets and organized everything! I didnt realize how many things got pushed to the back, lol. I'm sure I have enough canned veggies and pasta to last well over a month!
  6. Home Environment
    Does anyone here have the Merilat Kitchen cabinets? If so, how do you get them clean? I have grease and dirt on them, and they need a better cleaning agent. I have tried Murphy;s Oil Soap, Dishsoap, Wood cleaner, etc. Anyone have any other ideas? Would appreciate them. Thanks.
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  8. Kitchen Basics
    Fall cleaning here and I am looking for a better way to store my spices in my cabinet. Some I keep in the refrigerator and they are fine. But the cabinet is a nightmare. Right now I have them in plastic containers, and at the time I thought I could just pop them out and look through them, this...
  9. Home Environment
    Finally!!! They are coming Monday to install the uppers and then the counters go in on Tuesday (so they say). So, perhaps by Wednesday, we'll have a working kitchen! It's only been since August 15th...we can stick it out a few more days!
  10. General Chat
    My son Josh cleaned out all the cabinets and scrubbed them down earlier today. I'm not sure what happened, but I just looked in the kitchen and there was black olive juice leaking all over everything! I had 2 cans of olives and wasn't sure which one was leaking, so they both got tossed out...
  11. Home Environment
    and if so what do you have up there?
  12. Home Decorating
    I started sanding down all the peeling rough edges on the drawers and doors, so now we are almost ready to paint these suckers :D We are wondering what type of paint we should use? It's a veneer particle board we'll be painting over. Anything we need to do for prep work before it's painted on...
1-12 of 12 Results